iColorPicker - Easy Theme Customization for OpenCart

A few months ago we released iColorPicker - a powerful and useful tool for an easy customization of OpenCart themes. Among the main priorities for the initial release was building a good functionality, an easy-to-use interface and a powerful, stable core of the module. Having this solid basis set ground for seamless improvements without the need of making changes in the core of the module. All these prerequisites blended together resulted in a simple to use awesome module.

The idea for creating iColorPicker emerged after the release of our first OpenCart Theme Organica. Following the release of the theme we received several requests from customers, who wanted to be able to change their webstore colors and fonts. Addressing these prima facie minor changes took a considerable amount of time because of the back and forth communication via emails. That was inefficient so we started thinking of a way to give our customers the freedom to implement all the changes themselves. Our goal was - one theme, unlimited colors. Here comes iColorPicker.

One of the best things about iColorPicker is that it eliminates the need of buying a new theme each time you want a new design for your OpenCart store. Gradually, iColorPicker has become the preferred color palette module by the majority of OpenCart users and developers.

iColorPicker consists of two parts - a store front and an admin panel. The store front of the module is a multifunctional user friendly panel positioned at the upper left side of the web store, that pops in and out. It is an instant color palette panel that helps you change theme colors, background image and fonts, while experiencing the changes in real time. Theme colors are changed with the help of color boxes. Each color box is responsible for changing either an element or a group of element’s colors. The color boxes can be controlled from the admin panel of the module. Additionally to changing theme colors, one can easily change the background image. iColorPicker comes with a series of predefined background images, which you can use stand-alone or upload your own.

Fonts adjustment is like a child’s play using iColorPicker. The module is armed with the Google Web Fonts Library, so you are free to choose among more than 500 different fonts for your website. Additionally you can select the proper fonts from the store front part of the module, as well as easily adjust the font sizes - as I said like a child’s play. Afterwards, all you have to do is apply the changes in the backend admin panel.

If you think these features are cool wait for the backend admin panel of iColorPicker. Entering there you first get yourself in the main control panel menu of the module. Here you can set all the major options for iColorPicker such as whether to show the panel in the store front, which pages to be displayed and so on.

The next tab in the iColorPicker admin panel lets you change the website colors using special color adjusting boxes. The color boxes use CSS selectors to detect the element whose color you want to change. CSS properties can also be selected in a way that you are able to choose which color to change - background, border, outline and so on. All you need to do is type a selector and the Hex Code of the color you have chosen, click save and you are good to go. The coolest thing is that you can add as many color boxes as you need to make your OpenCart theme look great and user-lovely.

If occasionally you get lost in the color flux there is no place for panic. Everything will be all right with the Auto-Detect Theme Colors feature of iColorPicker. This feature is particularly useful, for it helps revert to the default colors of your theme.

After changing the colors you can proceed to the fonts adjusting page. Just as easy as you can change theme colors you can also adjust theme fonts with iColorPicker. Similar to the color changing menu the fonts adjusting menu is comprised of boxes, where you need to type the CSS selector of the element whose font you want to change, then choose a font family and set the font size. It is really as easy as it sounds.

iColorPicker also lets you change the background image of your web store. It is equipped with a special background menu, where you will find the predefined background images and upload new ones. Choose an image or upload your own, set the background position and you are ready to go.

We are now on the finish line having a brand new OpenCart theme. One of the most useful features is that iColorPicker lets you export the new theme as a ZIP file. The module generates a ZIP file which contains your theme files with the new color variations. This feature gives the final touch and entirely completes iColorPicker. Using this feature you can produce several new themes in no time.

In a few words - iColorPicker is an amazing tool that helps you dress up your theme in a fantastic new outfit. Three easy steps - change the colors, change the fonts, change the background. There is no need to be a developer or a designer to use iColorPicker or have any special skills. iColorPicker can be used by everyone.

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