Editing CSS Selectors with iColorPicker

November 23, 2012
iColorPicker allows you to easily customize literally any color and fonts from your OpenCart theme without any mighty programming knowledge. One of the latest and greatest features that we have implemented in iColorPicker the CSS Selector function. It is useful for picking a CSS Selector from your theme and thus changing its color. If this is the first time you come across the term CSS Selector, no worries. A CSS Selector is a pattern that is used to selecting an element we want to change. This tutorial is intended as an ABC on how to use the powerful CSS Selector function.
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iColorPicker - Easy Theme Customization for OpenCart

A few months ago we released iColorPicker - a powerful and useful tool for an easy customization of OpenCart Themes. Among the main priorities for the initial release was building a good functionality, an easy-to-use interface and a powerful, stable core of the module. Having this solid basis set ground for seamless improvements without the need of making changes in the core of the module. All these prerequisites blended together resulted in a simple to use awesome module.
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