How to set-up BirthdayReminder in OpenCart 2

This blog post is focused on these customers who have OpenCart 2 and use the iSenseLabs module BirthdayReminder.

First, let’s explain what is BirthdayReminder. BirthdayReminder is an easy-to-use module that prompts new users to enter their birthdays upon registration or checkout. The main purpose of the module is to set up automatic emails which will be sent according to administrator’s preference. You can include unique discount codes in the emails for the customers who have upcoming birthdays.


The installation is quite easy since OpenCart has an integrated Extension Installer in OpenCart 2.

You just need to download the module from our site and follow the steps below:

  1. Extract the .zip archive
  2. Go to your store’s administration > Extensions > Extension Installer
  3. Click on the button Upload and you have to find the archive that you just extracted. There is another zip inside with the name Click on it and upload it.
  4. Go to Extensions > Modules and click on the Install button (green plus icon) which is next to BirthdayReminder.
  5. That’s all.

Note: Some customers are questioning where is the vQmod/OCMOD file. Since version 2.2 BirthdayReminder for OpenCart 2 is OCMOD free!

What’s new

In order to see the BirthdayReminder settings, you need to click on the blue pencil icon. You are getting this view:


In the previous versions of the module, we had to add the birthday field via vQmod/OCMOD modification and edit the registration/checkout page manually. Now, In OpenCart 2 you can easily add new fields in the customer registration form or on the checkout page and we wanted to include it in BirthdayReminder and take advantage of it. This is why we added one new field Select custom field.

If you are an old customer and you are already using BirthdayReminder, maybe you will notice that the field for choosing date format is missing. We did that, because the module is using the default custom fields in OpenCart and the date format depends on the OpenCart settings.

Adding a custom field

Since version 2.2 of BirthdayReminder, you cannot use the module without creating a custom date field. In order to do that, go to the administration page of your store and navigate to Sales > Customers > Custom Fields.


Click on the blue Add new button, which is located in the top right corner.

From this page you can choose a name for your field, location, type, customer group, etc. You can learn more from this blog post: Custom fields in OpenCart 2.

As well as you can see from the image, the field Type must be set to Date, in order to see it in the administration of BirthdayReminder. 


When you are done with adding the custom field, now you can select it from the administration of BirthdayReminder and click on the Save button.

Now you can open the registration page of your store and you will see that the field is there:

Final words

That’s all folks! If you have questions, you can use the comments section below or you can just open a support ticket.

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