Custom fields in OpenCart 2

Since OpenCart 2 has been released, a lot of people are excited about its new functionalities. This time, we want to highlight the new key feature - custom fields.

We suppose that you might have struggled with adding custom fields in OpenCart 1.x. You might have wanted a field in the registration form, which you demanded to be required for every single customer. Well, this feature is now available in OpenCart 2.x by default.

In OpenCart 2 you can easily add new fields in the customer registration form, which will be visible in the registration page, on the checkout page and even when a guest customer makes a purchase.

Adding custom field

In order to add new field in the registration page, you need to go to the administration page of your store and navigate to Sales > Customers > Custom Fields.

Click on the blue Add new button, which is located on the top right of the page and this page below will appear:

  • Custom Field Name - label/name of the field which will appear in the registration form.
  • Location - from this select field, you can select whether the field to show up in the Account section or in the Address section.
  • Type - there are four major type to choose between (Choose, Input, File, Date). Depends on which subtype you select, a different optional fields will appear. For example, if you select Radio, a new box shows up where you can add/delete custom field values.
  • Customer Group - you can select customer groups, which will have this field available at registration.
  • Required -  check this field if you want to oblige your customers to fill in this field.
  • Status - enable/disable the field for the registration form.
  • Sort Order - you can select the position where your custom field to show.

After filling the entries my page looks like this:

After you click the Save button, the new field will be visible in the registration page:

Feel free to use the comments section below, if you have any further questions related with the custom fields.

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