How to Customize Your OpenCart Theme with Visual Theme Editor

Have you looked at your OpenCart site and thought:

"I want to make that Add to Cart button pink..."

Or something like...

"This headline is too small, how do I make it stand out a bit more?"

Everyone has their own ideas about how their store should look.

However the need to use HTML and CSS prevents you from implementing the changes you want to see in your storefront if you're not fluent in coding.

Well, we got you covered now.

No Coding, More Editing

Viethemes have developed an extension called Visual Theme Editor which will help you customize styles such as:

  • Color
  • Background
  • Font
  • Position
  • Animation

Here is an overview of the potential behind Visual Theme Editor:

Main Features

Let's talk a bit about the features you get inside the extension.

You have a lot to work with...

#1 Full Theme Cutomization

Visual Theme Editor helps you customize colors, backgrounds, fonts, sizes, positions, animations of any element in your site.

#2 Animation Editor

This tool allows you to create animation for any element on your site. This will help for keeping your customers' attention.

Let’s see video below:

#3 Custom CSS Editor

This feature helps you edit generated CSS code from Visual Theme Editor. In addition it also helps you backup current edited style.

#4 Customize Styles on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Currently many of your customers use smartphones and tables to shop online. Visual Theme Editor provides a tool to customize and adapt the style of your theme on mobile and tablet easily.

#5 Compatible With All Themes

You will not worry about theme compatibility. We guarantee that Visual Theme Editor is compatible with any theme. This is verified by all of our customers.

Let’s see video below:


This extension by Viethemes can be a life saver for OpenCart users that are not familiar with coding, but want to make their own changes to the way their stores look. You can see how the extension works and test it out for free.

Test Visual Theme Editor Here

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