Visual Theme Editor

Customize Your OpenCart Theme

  • Visual Theme Editor
Visual Theme Editor is a powerful tool that lets you to customize the styles of your theme directly from the front end. It's a comprehensive editor that lets you make live changes to your store, add animations and custom CSS styles.

Most important - it works flawlessly regardless of the OpenCart theme you are using.
  • Full Theme Customization

    Full Theme Customization

    Visual Theme Editor allows to customize text style, background, font, animation, size, shadow, or any element on your site.

  • Animation Editor

    Animation Editor

    Animation is becoming a vital part of contemporary design. Use this feature to give your store some motion and a more modern feel.

  • Compatible with All Themes

    Compatible with All Themes

    Visual Theme Editor is compatible with all themes. Don't expect any conflict.

  • Custom CSS Editor

    Custom CSS Editor

    You can edit styles via a CSS Editor. A powerful feature giving you more control over the styles of your store.

  • Customize Styles on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

    Customize Styles on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

    Customize style across all screen sizes: desktop, tablet, mobile.

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