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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is about to be enforced on the world wide web this Friday (May 25th, 2018). If you're not already familiar, GDPR is about to have a significant impact on businesses worldwide, especially those who have visitors, customers and users from the European Union.

GDPR is related to the way you notify your website's visitors about your Privacy and Cookie Policy, as well as the way you gather, process, use and secure their personal information.

This created the need for GDPR Compliance for OpenCart. The extension has been released for a while and we have been working on making sure that it's a complete solution for OpenCart merchants.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we've had about GDPR Compliance.

Cookie Consent Link to Privacy Policy

A possible frustration with the module is link to your Privacy Policy in the Cookie Consent bar.

Upon clicking on the link, some OpenCart merchants are taken to their home page and not to the Privacy Policy page. This is not a problem, it's just related to your OpenCart settings.

Let's explain how to take care of that.

Step 1

Head to your OpenCart admin panel and go to System > Settings.


Step 2

Click Edit on the store you need to make the change for.

Step 3

Go to the Option tab.


Step 4

Scroll down to your Account settings and find the field called Account Terms. From the dropdown, select the Privacy Policy.


Check Your Storefront

Your Privacy Policy links should now work correctly and you should be able to open the page when you click the link in the Cookie Consent bar.


GDPR Link in the Journal Theme Footer

This is an example of how the GDPR Tools link should appear in the Journal footer:

Go to your OpenCart admin panel and log in into Journal's theme Control Panel. Now select Footer.


Select the exact position you want the link to appear. Let's add the GDPR Tools under Information.

Since it's a requirement, we want to make sure this menu item will appear on all devices.


Now add the actual link.

Scroll down and find the red menu item called Add Menu Item +. It should look like this:

Enter the information and choose where the link will lead.

The Link field has a dropdown where we select Custom and paste the following links (depending on your OpenCart version).

Make sure you're entering the correct link for your specific OpenCart store version (How do I find my OpenCart version?).

For OpenCart 2.3.x - 3.x: (where yoursite is your website URL) 

For OpenCart 1.5.x - 2.2.x (where yoursite is your website URL) 

In the Name field, you can enter the title for the page where the users will control their personal data. For instance, GDPR Tools.

Last, enter the sort order number to place the page in the order you want. (In our example, we have entered 0 so it appears all the way up).

Customize your footer link icon

Select the icon you want to appear in front of the GDPR Tools link in your Journal footer. Once done, click   OK   and Save.


If you completed all the steps properly, the GDPR Tools menu item will be added to your footer link.

Let us know if you have any more questions in the comments below!

The Cookie Consent Bar is not displayed on OpenCart 3.0

If you are editing your templates from the Theme Editor in OpenCart 3.0, then this is for you.

Our module is using OCMOD modification to display the cookie consent bar on your website. However, if you are using the Theme Editor to edit your files (and more specifically, your header.twig file), then the OCMOD changes for those exact files will not be applied. Not to worry, though, the fix is very easy!

You just have to open your already edited header.twig and somewhere before the closing header tag "</head>" you just have to add this:

{{ cookie_consent_bar }}

That's all! You just need to save the change and you are good to go. The cookie bar will appear instantly.

Upgrading GDPR Compliance on OpenCart 3.0

OpenCart 3.0 is using a new template rendering system, called TWIG. However, the TWIG solution is using cached templates, which may lead you to think that the modules that you are installing, are not working correctly. Additionally, we may announce a new feature, however, you might not see it in your store. This is because the TWIG cache is showing you an older version of the templates, that are included in the new release. 

The solution is quite simple - you just have to clear the cache. You can do this from the Dashboard panel. You will see a small cog button right under the "Logout" link in the upper right corner of the page. If you click on it, you will see the "Developer settings" of OpenCart. You only have to click on the "Refresh" button for the Template component and that's it!

Just make sure to always clear your TWIG cache and you are good to go!

PS. This is a step that you have to make not just with GDPR Compliance but with every extension that you install on OpenCart 3.0

Localization (Languages)

Thanks to our awesome community we have translated the module in more than 10 languages!

You can view all available translations in here.

If you speak a language not listed in the translations, please get in touch with us via sales[at] for a special offer.

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