7 Free OpenCart 2.1.x Modules for Simple but Useful Store Customization

When you setup your new OpenCart web store, it is a good idea to begin experimenting with some free modules. Get a good feel of the platform, see what it can do and learn what you will need in the future with our list of free modules. They are fundamental for the customization of your website and will give you a good head start.

#1 Remove ‘Compare this Product’ and ‘Add to Wish List’

If you prefer a more clean look or want to open up space for something new, this simple method will help you remove the “Compare Product” and “Add to Wish List” features from your OpenCart website.

#2 OpenCart Footer Menu

OpenCart footer Menu lets you manage and customize your footer menu. You can easily include any menu that you would like your footer to have (e.g. FAQ, Contact Us). Everything can be edited quickly in the admin panel.

#3 Product Quantity Less than Given Stock

You can use this extension to create a separate field in your Products category indicating when a product is running out of stock. When you set the quantity number (for instance 10), the tool will indicate when the given product stock has fallen to 10 or below. This will simplify your restocking plans.

#4 Manufacturer Logo

Great for adding the brand logo of your products to each product page. The tool uses the manufacturer/brand logo from ads and replaces the brand name on your website.

#5 Apply Button

After installing it, a green Apply button will appear next to the Save button so that you can apply all the changes you have made. A cool extension that makes the life of an OpenCart user a lot simpler.

#6 Enable / Disable Add to Cart Button

If you need to disable the “Add to Cart” button on a given product, this extension lets you to do this for each product separately. No more customers adding out of stock products to their shopping carts.

#7 Remove Phone

If, for some reason, you want to remove your phone number from the header of your web store, use this simple tool to do it in a few clicks.

Some people prefer running a simplified OpenCart web store without too many gadgets and that’s cool. However, these free modules are great for giving you some of the basic personalizations you can make without spending anything and still having a unique style for your website.

You can also check another post with 5 additional OpenCart extensions that will give your online store an edge. Start experimenting and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below!

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