5 Free OpenCart Extensions to Give Your Online Store An Edge


You’ve chosen the OpenCart platform because it’s powerful, easy to use and best of all, free. So now you’re looking for a way to build an online store that gives you an edge over the competition. Here are five of iSenseLabs’ OpenCart Extensions to get the job done — and best of all, for free.

1. CodeManager

Working alongside developers has never been easier. No more FTP access, server problems or port issues. CodeManager lets you easily grant access to third parties directly from your OpenCart admin and disable access once the job is done.

The CodeManager module also allows for easy file management — create, edit, and delete files. You can upload, download, duplicate and change file permissions. When working with product pictures, CodeManager features a simple upload and preview. It also features an intuitive search option in files and folders.

2. TwitterPics

Make your online store social. Store owners can define a hashtag and the TwitterPics widget displays a number of pictures with that hashtag on any part of the site.

3. CurrencyRates

If you are selling your products internationally, then the CurrencyRates plugin is a must-have. It lets you update foreign exchange rates in a single click — automatically or manually — so that your customers always know how much they are paying.

4. WeatherWidget

This lightweight widget is powered by Yahoo and lets you display the weather anywhere on your OpenCart website. You can set it to a default location or give customers the option to detect their location and display the forecast based on it.

5. LessEngine

The LessEngine module integrates seamlessly the LESS compiler for PHP into your OpenCart installation. It provides a one-click compile of LESS into CSS, and best of all, it automatically recompiles on page refresh.

Head over to iSenseLabs’ product page for even more powerful, easy-to-use extensions for your OpenCart store.

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