7 Badass Extensions That Make Your OpenCart Store Look Like a Pro

If you are reading this, you probably know how important it is to make your Ecommerce website stand out in the eyes of your visitors. First impressions are always critical when it comes to shopping online, which is why we created this post - to show you 7 cool ways to make a good impression on your customers.


ComingSoon is an OpenCart extension that gives you all the options you need to create a beautiful landing page even before your website is ready to launch. You can also use it to give them useful links to your social profiles where they can catch up on updates. Don’t forget your contact details so they can get in touch with you for additional information.

There is a very cool way to showcase your website even before it’s ready. You have probably seen creative pages of websites that are either coming soon, or down for maintenance, right?

Well, this is how you can also have an awesome page that teases your fans and visitors, keeping them in suspense for the moment you are ready to launch your Ecommerce store.

A coming soon page has a few main uses:

  • To match the branding of your business in terms of color combinations, logos, banners and overall design.

  • To invite users to share their email address or any other personal information that will help you turn them into leads.

  • To stimulate interaction and social sharing between users and customers. This depends on how well you handle the design and user experience on the page.



SmartBar allows you to add a bar with written or visual content at the top or bottom of your Ecommerce website. You can use the module to show various messages you want your customers to see whenever they enter your store. You can assign the module to different layouts and only show it on specific pages, or show different bars on separate pages.

With SmartBar, you can immediately start creating notifications, promotional and marketing messages you can use to increase retention and conversion rates.

Begin experimenting with all the color combinations, text sizes and icons to spruce up the message you want to convey. There are a few important traits you want to have in such a notification bar:

  • Eye-catching design that will draw attention and stand out from the rest of the website elements.

  • Clear message that users can instantly understand and comprehend so they can take any action you want them to immediately.

  • A hook that will spark desire and interest in your customers. This can either be a discount code or some other message that they would want to learn more about.



CustomPages is a module that you can use to create additional web pages in your OpenCart store.

You can create an infinite number of custom pages with this extension and decide whether you want them to appear in the main menu or not.

The content can be added and modified in a rich text editor, where you can also add files as well as custom HTML.

CustomPages can be used to create:

  • Informational pages where you share valuable data and insights about your business and products, such as an FAQ page.

  • Landing pages for specific products you can use to convert leads into customers with enticing design and content.

  • Pages with custom content such as videos, tutorials or guides that are created about your products.



PopupWindow gives you an easy and intuitive way to start creating professional popups for your OpenCart shop. The module’s control panel is packed with versatile settings that let you set the dimensions, appearance, introduction method and content of the popup. The popup can also be triggered when a specific action is set, for example upon clicking the Add to Cart button.

Popups are widely utilized in the Ecommerce sector whether some people like and use them, or hate and ignore them.

When designing a popup, you have to remember that there are a few things to consider. The most important benefit of popups is that they attract and catch the attention of users. How this attention will be turned into action depends on how well you do with the popup design. Here are a few tips to use:

  • Popups should have relevance and clarity for the subject they are meant for. You only have a second or two of user attention to work with, so make it as brief and descriptive as possible.

  • Give the popup a clear Call-to-Action if you want users to participate in whatever you are offering. Whether you are sharing your social profiles, offering a discount or trying to get them to subscribe - make it stand out and choose the words wisely.

  • Give users the chance to take action quickly, whether they want to close the popup or convert. If customers don’t want to see it, they should be able to easily close it.



Customizing the success page that users see when they complete an order is made simple when using OrderSuccessPage. The module lets you extend the user experience and make customers feel extra special that they have made a purchase from your Ecommerce store. Improved success pages can also be used as an additional conversion boosting tool.

With OrderSuccessPage, there is a huge difference in the content you can have in the page following a completed order.

You can drive revenue even further when you start utilizing various marketing techniques for social engagement or upselling of related products. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started with preparing a custom order success page.

  • Include detailed information about the completed order

  • Add links and social buttons to your profiles across social platforms

  • Display products that are related to the ones that were just purchased

  • Offer discounts so customers are stimulated to make new purchases



SmartNotifications lets you create beautiful messages that help you grow sales and drive more revenue. You can make special offers that appear as a small popup that is much less interruptive, but still attracts attention. Include a relevant icon and text to make the notification relevant and easy to understand so customers can quickly take action.

You can use SmartNotifications as a marketing tool that helps you convert traffic into customers by showing exclusive offers and discounts presented in an attractive widget.

Stimulating users with a sense of urgency is also a popular technique that you can implement using SmartNotifications. Messages such as “X people are currently looking at this product” or “X customers purchased this product in the last day alone” work very well.

  • Display discounted products

  • Notify users for free shipping

  • Point out products of limited quantity

  • Present attractive special offers



DiscountOnLeave is one of the most powerful ways to retain traffic and convert users who are trying to leave into paying customers. The module lets you create tempting popups that appear whenever a user tries to leave your website. They are presented with an exclusive offer for a discounted product and a code they can use to make a purchase at a lower price.

You can make DiscountOnLeave part of your customer retention strategy and not only decrease the bounce rate of your Ecommerce website, but also capitalize on it.

There are two major factors that grab the user’s attention - a popup that appears when they try to leave, and a discount hook, which is always a powerful conversion booster.

You can add custom HTML to create appealing popups and add links that will lead customers to the product pages of discounted items.

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