How to drive revenue by improving user's post order experience

The goal of every business is to generate revenue. You are a successful online store owner and your business is heading upwards. In order to keep the momentum, you have to offer your customers something worth coming back for. The tricky part here is that unlike real life shopping, when someone purchases something from your online store you don’t get to see them in person. One of the best ways to keep the interest in your website constantly growing is to deliver one of a kind user experience. To achieve that, you need to pay special attention to little details.

According to a 2014 RJMETRICS Ecommerce Benchmark Report, 43% of the revenue generated by typical online stores comes from repeat customers. The immediate questions here is how to get your customers to keep coming back. If you are selling something that can’t be found anywhere else this shouldn’t be an issue for you, but most of the time that is hardly the case. What are the options? Here are some ideas that can help you solve this.

After your clients complete an order they are redirected to the order success page. In OpenCart the default success page is simple and is serving the purpose of informing you that everything went well and your order will be processed. That is absolutely enough. But if you want to stand out this is the right place and time offer something more than the standard.

StandartOrderSuccesPage .png

Improving  the whole experience after your customers complete the checkout would be a nice way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. The order success page is often neglected for its value to the customers. But if you think twice there is an unused potential here. 

What could be changed? The default “Thank you” message could be a good place to start. Keep the customers’ attention with a more personalised approach. Show them that you understand the importance of their choice to do business with you.


Give them a summary of what they just bought.

Adding social buttons so your customers can share their newly purchased product with their friends and colleagues would not only benefit the customer but mostly your business. More popularity equals more customers.  


Last but not least - promote the rest of your products. Use this page as an up selling tool and offer related or predefined products. Many people think that upselling is a risky technique. But when applied properly it could be beneficial for both sides of the purchase. Basically what you do when offering additional product or higher versions of  the one which is already in the cart helps your customers gain more value from your business and respectively help your business get more loyalty and revenue from the customer.

Unfortunately, the default OpenCart functionality doesn’t include the option to edit the order success page according to your needs. Not to worry. OrderSuccesPage is an OpenCart extension which includes all of the above mentioned functionality and much more. Visit the demo page and see how easy it could be enhance the user’s experience of your website.

So far, so good. We’ve proven that the customer’s decision to choose your store in the first place wasn’t in vain. You’ve showed personal approach and that helps to build loyalty. But should you stop here? Is your job done? 

Custom email campaigns has proven their effectiveness on improving users attitude and opinion towards the businesses that use them. According to a survey conducted by Remarkety, a well executed email campaign containing a discount coupon results in three times higher conversion rate than a standard marketing email campaign. 

Your customer is going to receive an order confirmation mail, which by default is pretty standard. This is the moment when you should keep the momentum and offer more than expected. 

Think of the feeling a customer will get if besides the ordinary information about product details, shipping cost and dates they receives yet another message containing a small discount as a sign of loyalty and appreciation. Yes, that would definitely make a person think twice before choosing another store instead of yours. 

OrderFollowUp is a simple tool which will help you in this task. Use it to design as much email templates as you wish and deliver an unmatched user experience worth remembering. Take a look at the admin panel of the extension to get a better idea.

eCommerce is growing rapidly and is getting more and more competitive. Whether you are just starting your business endeavour in online retailing or have years of experience, in order to become successful and stay this way, you need to adapt quickly and try to deliver the best experience your customers could get. We hope our ideas could help you achieve that.

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