5 OpenCart extensions to help you boost your sales

OpenCart is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions out there. It is easy to use and with the option to add third party modules to extend its functionality it really gives you the chance to start a successful online business.

Here are 5 OpenCart extensions which will help you boost your sales and increase conversion.



Increasing your clients database has never been easier. SignUpCoupns gives you the option to provide your new customers with a discount upon signing up to your store. The module is extremely customizable,allowing you to finetune each aspect of the coupon including its discount type(percentage or fixed amount), validity, the coupon email itself and the store front sign up message.

2.  ProductBundles


When applied properly product bundling can significantly increase profits and client satisfaction. ProductBundles is an intuitive tool which will let you select products you want to add, choose bundle details and select display layout just in three simple steps.

3. PopUpUpsell


Upselling is a marketing technique which gives the customer the chance to purchase upgrades or addons, such as better features, better specifications or even the more expensive version of the product they have chosen in order to maximise the value of the purchase. PopupUpsell lets you design as much pop ups as you want and assign them to various products on your website. Simple yet effective approach to increase your income.

4. FreeShippingTeaser


Shipping costs matter. According to a survey conducted by harrisinteractive.com more than 66% of online shoppers listed shipping cost as a top annoyance associated with online shopping. FreeShipping teaser will help you boost your sales by notifying your customers how much they need to spend to qualify for free shipping. Again it is fully customizable and you can set the amount which needs to be reached in order to get the “You are now eligible for Free Shipping!” message.

5. DiscountOnNextPurchase


DiscountOnNextPurchase is the best way to keep your customers coming back for more. This extension lets you send an unique discount code after a purchase. You can customize the email content, the type of the discount and upon which order status it should be triggered. All of the discount codes could be easily tracked by the admin.


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