10 OpenCart Extensions Compatible with OpenCart 2

OpenCart 2.0 is out and about and while clients are unsure whether to make the step and upgrade their stores to the new version, due to almost a meager amount of extensions adapted to the new OCMod engine, we are happy to announce the first 10 true and tested modules that are ready for showcase. Its important to add that all of our modules are running on the native OCMod, so no need to install any additional software, like in previous OpenCart versions.

1. CodeManagerPro

CodeManagerPro is the easiest way for OpenCart store owners and developers to work shoulder-to-shoulder. Now with a lot of new freshly baked features in the pro version including: View last modified files , Git support, Color picker, Compare files,  Terminal emulator,  TODO List and iSenseLabs Fanatical Premium support

2. ExcelPort

ExcelPort is a reliable tool to export all your product data into Excel file, edit it, and then import it again in OpenCart with the modified products. Please take a look in the demo. With ExcelPort 2.0 you can safely port all currently supported fields to OpenCart 2.0.

3. AbandonedCarts

With AbandonedCart you gain a complete control of your store missed orders. The module allows you to review your customer's abandoned checkouts, send an automatic or manual email with a link to their cart and/or provide a discount.

4. LastViewed

If a user is interested in your merchandize chance is that they will go from page to page. LastViewed is a smart tool that remembers your customers visited products and displays them.  A wonderful tactics that will improve your web store usability and improve your sales. 

5. PersistentCart

Have you ever gone to a store just to look but you found yourself liking something? You add it to cart and then go back to work. After a long day at the office you go home and are eager to purchase the product… only you don’t remember how it was called. After 5 minutes of searching you probably are going to leave the store and forget about the time spent. Persistent cart solves this problem. PersistentCart keeps the items that your customers have added to their cart forever. 

6. PopupWindow

How many times have you gone to a website and an awesome advertising pop up shows with a killer promotion? Well, with PopUpWindow you can do just that. PopupWindow allows you to display content in a pop up window. It is a great fit for store owners who love advertising, social, promotion, marketing or any "get-your-attention-content". You can set up the pop up window to display on any page and configure the dimensions of the window. 

7. FacebookLogin

The most loved and purchased FacebookLogin for OpenCart, now available for OpenCart 2.0.

8. iSearch

iSearch will help your customers find anything much faster. With lightning fast instant suggestion results, AutoCorrect and AutoSuggest features, iSearch makes your store look “Google-ish” smart and professional.

9. FreeShippingTeaser

Research shows that customers are willing to spend as much as 1.5x the amount they are willing to spend normally, when prompted with a FreeShipping hook. The way the module works is it notifies the customer there is XXX left until free shipping. FreeShippingTeaser is the best way to keep your customers spending more and more until they get a free shipping. 

10. BuyNow

BuyNow eliminates the need for customers to go through cart and leads them directly to checkout. 

Can't find your favorite iSenseLabs’ extension listed? Why don't you get in touch with us and we will try to make it happen as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the next batch of OpenCart Modules compatible with OpenCart version 2. 

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