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Journal 2 theme

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Gary member
#1 posted on 10/10/15 (edited on 10/10/15)

Is the Nitro pack worth getting for Journal 2 theme? As they have a built in module to help with caching etc?

Do I need to use all the settings / Options?

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Evgeni Kolev member
#2 posted on 17/3/16

Hello Gary,

NitroPack is not just a caching extension. It is a complete web store optimization framework. This means that it is a complete solution that will not require you to purchase any additional software to speed up your website. We have a blog post series which explains how NitroPack helps your site become faster. You can have a look at it here - https://isenselabs.com/posts/how-to-nail-google-pagespeed-score-in-opencart-part-1-of-3.

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muzamzam member
#3 posted on 4/1/18

with my journal 2 theme, it show blank page of category.. it was okay when we recreate category controller php file..

but when we clear cache in NITRO addon it become blank page.