How to Update the PHP Version of a Server Hosting OpenCart

February 21, 2017
OpenCart is a PHP-based platform for building an E-Commerce store. The core of your site is built using this programming language and updating it should not be the last of your priorities.
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Events (Script Notifications) in OpenCart 2.2.x. What Has Changed?

The event system in OpenCart was first introduced in version It was one of the major changes in OpenCart’s core. In OpenCart, the event system evolved, and it has a more powerful and cleaner implementation now. However, the changes are not really backwards compatible, so the extensions which make use of it, will have to be updated.
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How to Increase the Maximum Upload Limit in PHP for OpenCart

March 21, 2016
There are two things that dictate the file size that can be uploaded in PHP based websites. They are two PHP config variables.
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What Server Do You Need to Run OpenCart

March 8, 2016
Being lightweight and fast are two of the most defining traits of OpenCart. The platform does not need much computing horsepower and can easily run on the cheapest hosting plans.
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