Yotpo Product Reviews Now Available for OpenCart 2.x

Customer reviews carry a big selling force to your OpenCart store. Around 88% of shoppers are influenced by reviews from other clients when making a purchasing decision. Yotpo is a smart way to generate lots of unique customer content that aids with boosting your sales.

Yotpo will give your users a simpler and appealing reviewing experience that is tailored for both desktop and mobile users.

Here is how Yotpo reviews appear in your default OpenCart store.

The admin menu lets you quickly configure a few settings:

  • Select the widget language

  • Choose the location for the reviews

  • Customize the tab name (Reviews, Testimonials, etc)

  • Enable or disable 5-star ratings

  • Choose when the Mail After Purchase will be triggered


Your customer’s trust and voice will be a powerful marketing tool for promoting your products with authentic feedback. Yotpo gives you a better way to engage with your customers and is now available for OpenCart 2.x.

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