Using Live Chat to Advance Your eCommerce Store Vol.2

After acquiring the live chat feature, you will need to learn how to use it. It is important to figure out what your visitors expect and what they need to learn from a regular live chat conversation. Usually, most users just prefer to receive a short and concise answer to a question that helps them make a quick decision without any hesitation.

Zopim analyzed more than 85,000 chats in a study they made about live chat trends in 2014 and discovered that 42% of customers enjoy having instant access to a sales rep.

Taking advantage of the immediate contact, a customer service agent can resolve an issue in less than a minute! To be more precise, the study determined an average time of 23 seconds for a reply from the rep, and about 42 seconds to give a useful answer!

Also, more than half of online users do not like waiting for live chat support for more than a minute, which is another very important part of the results.

What bothers online stores and marketers the most

  1. Abandoned shopping carts

  2. Lead generation

  3. High bounce rate from incoming traffic

  4. Better identifying the target audience

Live chat has the potential to help you address each of these key issues effectively if you operate the software properly.

6 Ways to Maximize Profits by Using Live Chat Properly

Be real and authentic

Becoming a communication and conversation guru is one of the toughest challenges in the eCommerce business. For inexperienced agents, you can use a set of guidelines that will help them become more effective with their service:

  • Listen carefully and be sympathetic

  • Learn exactly what your client needs with subtle questions

  • Learn all the existing information about the products

  • 100 percent focus on the particular customer's needs

  • Always be present, helpful and thankful!

Balance proactivity with automation

Being immersed in responding to every client individually is a really time-consuming activity. That is where automatic and pre-written answers come in. They allow you to save tons of time from having to write the same thing over and over again and include many frequently used phrases. For instance - welcoming messages such as “Hello, how may I assist you?”, “What seems to be the problem?”, “Is there anything else that I can help you with?”

However, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to automate the majority of your communication. Avoid sounding like a bot as much as you can, as this definitely tends to drive visitors away. Template answers are great for starting or ending a conversation as well as resolving frequently asked questions. However, they might not contain the correct answer for everyone. Sounding human at all times will help your visitor feel comfortable to stick around and keep browsing your website.

Easily visible and accessible widget

You have to make sure that the widget can be instantly noticed by any visitor and a single click away. Whether you choose to have it open automatically as soon as a user opens your page or make it appear as a small button in the corner, the customer needs to know that they have a quick way to reach you.

Keep the customer support as seamless as it is supposed to be. Train your agents to be detailed and concise in their service, but not intruding by pushing the customer too far and irritating them. Give them exactly what they ask for – no more, no less. Helpful suggestions are always okay, as long as you don’t go overboard.

Ask for help whenever necessary

Being able to resolve a question in a single chat session is the ideal situation, but it is not always possible. If a representative is not certain how to approach a given issue, he or she should immediately ask for assistance while letting the customer know that they are checking for help.

It is more important to give accurate feedback with the help of a colleague, instead of trying to seem informed, but misleading the customer.

24/7 support is always good, but up to you

When running an eCommerce business, you have to be aware that users are visiting your website constantly. When they see that there's an option for a live chat, but it is unavailable after late hours, the first logical reaction is disappointment.

They might want to reach you at any time, in case they cannot browse for products during working hours. Making sure that you have agents manning the support 24/7 is a great way to take advantage of the constant traffic and flow of potential clients!

Feedback always helps

Ask your clients to leave feedback for the customer service they have received through your chat. Making further support better will always need adjustments. Constantly keeping up with the preferences of your users will help you identify what to tweak.

Also, if you are noticing the same questions about a given product – you can simply modify its description according to the answers that your clients are looking for.

Final thoughts

These rules can act as a building block that you can use to figure out the most effective way to implement certain standards and quality control for your live chat support. It is very impressive how much a simple tool like the live chat can boost your business if you utilize its full potential. For any questions or thoughts you might have, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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