Top 15 Most Alluring Slideshows We Found in OpenCart Websites

What’s the quickest and most attractive way to promote your products to your store visitors the second they open your E-Commerce website? You guessed it - the slider on your home page. You can showcase your greatest products without making the customer scroll or click anywhere else.

The slider in your store is quite a significant design element. It lets you showcase your most popular products or shout out about what's new with you. Featuring a CTA button leading to the product page is a nice finishing touch so customers who are interested in what you are offering can instantly take action.

In this post, we will show you 15 OpenCart shops that know how to create a captivating slideshow and entice viewers to dig deeper into their website.

There are a few different ways you can use the slider in your OpenCart store. Depending on your design and theme, you can go with a full width slider or one with predefined sizes. You will see examples with both types of slideshows in the websites below.

Without further ado, here is our compilation…

1 Langdon Hall

This store has three different images on their slideshow, each leading to a different product or page in their website. High-res images, a simple CTA and a brief intro to their products. Just right.

2 Treasure Garden

This store presents their products in 5 large and beautiful images accompanied by a short marketing message and a CTA button. What’s interesting is they are showcasing their products in beautiful real life scenarios.

3 Ciaté London

A cosmetics store surely needs an alluring slider and this website does not disappoint. Their high quality graphics lead to the different makeup collections and products throughout the site.

4 Bijoux Beads

Bijoux Beads rely on a simple slider showcasing a few of their products that are themed for the Autumn season. As you see, this is not a full-width slider unlike the previous examples.

5 Phoenix V

The slideshow in this fashion store only has two images of a model showcasing two of their products. High-res, full width images, clean and simple. The slides change automatically and there are no arrows to change them yourself.

6 Louie

The slideshow here is comprised of 5 beautiful images of the owners, their products and their canine friend who adds to the unique image of the business. This is another example of using a fixed-width slideshow where the images do not go end to end.

7 Memories Boutique

The slider in this boutique is made of animated graphics with models presenting the dress collections in the store. An elegant CTA button leads you to the products from each image. The important part here is that this slider has a 3D appearance, which stands out right away.

8 Rosa Living

Rosa Living use their slideshow to announce their sales and promotions. They have designed 5 separate images showing different items from new collections or featured products.


This store has bet on three large images of male models showcasing some of the items on their clothing line. This focuses the viewer on the products themselves and sparks curiosity for checking out more information around their site. There’s no CTA button and the accent is on the images, which are almost full web page size.

10 180 Nutrition

High-quality, full width images with a motivational and informational message, as well as a CTA button to their products is what the guys over at 180 Nutrition are using to entice customers to start shopping.

11 Venamar

Venamar have taken a slightly different approach for their slider. It’s a custom slideshow with 4 separate images that provide links to some of their collections. They also use them to announce discounts. Quality work.

12 Crafty Divas

This store has a slideshow that does not take the whole screen, but one that is rather short and sweet. Two beautiful images with an inspirational message and a categories section inviting you to browse their products.

13 Craftman

This store has put a lot of work in customizing their slideshow and making it unique. Three separate sections, videos upon hovering, product details and marketing messages slide up and down to supplement each section, a class act, through and through.

14 Rococo Online

This online store does not use their slider for promotional purposes or linking to their products and collections. It just serves as a beautiful welcome to their site, so you are not distracted too much from browsing around.

15 Ro─Źne Ure

Another store with quite a distinctive slideshow, where each image has its own colored filter. They have picked the perfect fonts, colors and sizes for their marketing messages and a smooth presentation for each collection.

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Final words

We hope you liked the stores we have picked out and found them inspirational. We always encourage OpenCart store owners to keep working on their websites and turn their weak spots into selling points. The slider in your store is one of the design elements that can have a serious impact on your sales, so learn from these examples and take notes for your site.

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