Supercharged Custom Footer for OpenCart

The idea for a custom footer solution for OpenCart, which later evolved into iCustomFooter, got into circulation while we were working on Organica Premium OpenCart Theme. We wanted to create a one-fit-all footer solution that is resource-rich, easily customisable, while at the same time provides the flexibility and blends well, with any OpenCart store. Before long iCustomFooter was born. Since then, we have been meticulously working on improving, updating and adding new features, which brought iCustomFooter to today's position of a preferred custom footer choice among developers, webshop owners and OpenCart aficionados.

iCustomFooter is armed with 7 pre-defined and 5 custom columns. You can find a multi-functional About us, Contact us, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube columns, which serve as the basic modern web virtual card of any store. All columns can be displayed or hidden, as well as arranged according to customer's preference. The title of each column is editable, hence can be personalised according to ones individuals' taste. Five additional Rich-Text Editor powered custom columns accompany the seven predefined ones.
The custom columns are an ideal starting block for our customers to display additional information, implement a newsletter subscribe form or engage users with discount codes etc. iCustomFooter creates meaningful relationships with potential clients by a vast array of social buttons available. Taking advantage of the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest buttons encourages your future prospects to express interest in your business, which is the perfect trampoline to conversion. With the payment options, each specific to the region of operation and unique for every OpenCart store, iCustomFooter allows for an intuite upload, display and arrange of the desired payment methods tailored ones specific shop needs.  
Just like the hot robust coffee goes great with a cookie, iCustomFooter comes out-of-the-box with a handful of global customization tweaks, which bring up to a complete personal experience. You can choose whether to display or hide the original OpenCart footer, "Powered By" message as well as iCustomFooter itself. The footer's full width, column height and width, as well as the title colors can be also easily adjusted. To top that iCustomFooter is also fully responsive, which makes it a great add-on to any fluid design and responsive theme. A Light and a Dark Skin, Four Font families as well as nine Column Line Styles accommodate the final touches of a further tailored experience. 
One of the cool features of OpenCart is the multi-store ability, which allows you to manage multiple stores from one main admin interface. Among the many benefits it offers, particularly interesting is the options to theme each store differently in order to match the specific type of products being sold. Thanks to the artillery of options, the back-end customisation of iCustomFooter is a walk in the park. International Sellers, who are using OpenCart across multiple languages, can also benefit from iCustomFooter’s MultiLingual support, allowing for a seamless global store.
When we released our first-ever product for OpenCart a few months back, we initialed on a voyage to sail in waters unknown. Armed with passion, a bag pack full of ideas and a loyal crew we set our goal - to make iCustomFooter an intuitive, easy to use, multifunctional module which would be the preferred choice among developers, webshop owners and other OpenCart enthusiasts. Fast forward to today, iCustomFooter is powering the e-stores of hundreds of OpenCart customers from all corners of the Globe, bringing an unique fusion of functionality and sexy design. 

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