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Part of being a successful entrepreneur is knowing where and how to access valuable information and solutions that will help in making real progress. Since the web is a vast place and information is everywhere, this means you cannot find, read and learn everything there is. Your time for browsing in multiple directions is severely limited.

Different customers have different goals, needs and demands. We are very aware of that and try to understand every store owner in their search for the right knowledge and the right answers.

That is why, we created the iSenseLabs collections

iSenseLabs OpenCart Collections

Based on 4 years worth of data collection, we created and segmented three categories of OpenCart modules designed for the three main phases of running an Ecommerce store:

Start Your Business

Grow Your Business

Go Corporate

To view them, go to our products page and hover over COLLECTIONS.

OpenCart Extensions


The first collection is called Start Your Business

Start Your Business

Our aim with this collection is to simplify the beginning process for new entrepreneurs who are just starting out with OpenCart. Choosing the right tools in these starting steps is not always clear as you have a limited budget, but need to get your store started quickly.

The modules featured in the collection are designed to add extra functionality and a significant improvement in key areas of a newborn website.

  • SEO and Page Speed

  • Social Media Presence and Engagement

  • Website Usability Tools

  • Conversion-Optimization Extensions

  • Administrator and Management Helper Tools

Important Note: Having a good head start is important for beginners who want to make progress faster. Knowledge is the real hero when it comes to going to the next level. Don’t forget to check out our blog collection for Getting Started with Your OpenCart Store.

Start Your Business

The second collection is named Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

With this selection, we want to emphasize on various improvements that you can make to an OpenCart store that has already passed the starting period.

After you have spent some time with your Ecommerce store, you begin to learn its weak and strong points. The tools in this collection will help you get past specific barriers that prevent you from making real progress and growing your business.

  • SEO and Page Speed

  • Reducing Cart Abandonment

  • Reducing Bounce Rate

  • Customer Retention Methods

  • Security Improvements

  • Web Design and Personalization

Important Note: Growth can come from different sources and you can utilize many tactics. This is why we created a blog collection with tips that can help you boost your revenue and increase your customer base - Growth Hacking.

Grow Your Business

​We called our third collection Go Corporate

Go Corporate

Not everyone is up to reaching the corporate level of business. If you did - congratulations! Now, you need to ensure that your position will remain competitive and the growth sustainable. Our corporate collection features tools that can to help you stay on top of things.

The Go Corporate collection features some of the extensions in the previous collections, but also adds another level of profit maximization.

  • Improving Customer Experience

  • Branding

  • Sales Tactics

  • Increasing Average Order Size

  • Security, Tracking, and Monitoring

  • Better Customer Engagement

  • Simpler Data and File Management

Important Note: Getting your business to enterprise level is no longer a rare event for serious entrepreneurs. However, reaching the corporate status is one thing. Managing to retain it is the real challenge. Keep in touch with our blog collection to stay on top of the latest Ecommerce Trends.

Go Corporate

​​We sincerely hope that you will find the collections useful and they will be a barometer in what users are buying at different stages of their company development.

Still, like we said in the beginning, different entrepreneurs have different goals, dreams and need so take the collections as a way to expand knowledge and not the Holy book you should follow.


Whether you are at the beginning, advanced or corporate stage of running your own business, you are on the right path. You’ve made a brave choice to make it on your own terms, and you’re sticking by it. Drop us a comment below if you have any questions about our collections. Our question for you, our reader, is what would you add to them?

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