Introducing SMSBump 2.0! SMS Marketing Automation for Shopify

Text message automation and SMS marketing have never been easier for Shopify stores.

SMSBump is designed to provide merchants with a simple and powerful tool to keep in touch and engage with their customers.

What does SMSBump do?

  • Sends out SMS marketing campaigns with precise settings for targeting your audience accurately and personalizing your messages for specific customers personas.

  • Automate customer & admin text messages for transactions, abandoned carts, shipping & order confirmation, etc.

  • Analytics and real time statistics about all sent messages, individual campaigns and all link clicks.

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The text marketing traffic of SMSBump passes via direct routes and high quality sources to guarantee optimal delivery. A special dedicated number for the US guarantees that you can send up to 1,500,000 messages per day.

“Great app! Even better customer service. My customers love it too!”


Let’s introduce you to the app.

The Dashboard

The first thing when you open the app is the dashboard, which is a widget summary of everything important you need to know.


You can see your balance, message costs, the sent and received texts and the country that has the most recipients.

At the bottom, you have a table with all your latest messages and information about the time and date they were sent, their type, price, and status whether they were sent or failed.

This is where you also notice the Message Us button down on the right, which lets you get in touch with us with any questions via the Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger button will be following you through all of the tabs in SMSBump so you can always reach us easily.



Introducing our brand new menu called Automations!

This is where you can set different automated events for triggering text messages like:

  • Abandoned Carts

  • New orders

  • Shipping Confirmations

  • And more

These events trigger immediately after an action is complete.

Or... it could be delayed to a time that’s set by you.

We always recommend this option when using Abandoned Cart reminders for example.

This guarantees that the message will be sent a bit after the client abandons their cart. We would recommend setting 3 different automations with delays of 30 to 60 minutes, 8 hours and 48 hours.

For optimal results, you can also trigger the text and add additional incentives such as a discount code in the last message.

Stopping a certain event for a while is done with a single click of a button:

You can create different events for admins and customers and use many of the dynamic tags to personalize the events.


“Couldn't recommend these guys enough. They have been so helpful getting our SMS campaigns to work.”


Text Marketing

We have completely redesigned and expanded the Text Marketing section.


You can segment your recipients using the following filters:

  • Money spent (target customers who spent a specific amount).

  • Placed an order (specify a date when customers placed an order. Options available: Last week, last month, last 3 months, last year, or a custom range).

  • Number of orders (target anyone from most loyal customers or ones with just one order).

  • Date created (target customers based on their signup date).

  • Account status (target customers based on their account status. You can choose between Enabled / Disabled / Invited / Declined).

  • Tagged with (make use of the powerful Shopify tagging, that lets you segment customers into groups).

  • Subscribed to marketing (use the default Shopify field that gives you consent to send marketing text messages and emails).

  • By Country - use the new filters that narrow down customers based on country. You can also filter users by their state (Supported for the USA, Canada and Australia).

You can precisely target your marketing campaigns only to certain groups of customers utilizing the power of the Shopify filters.

We already had some positive feedback from clients and will be looking to introducing nested filters, which basically means that you can combine filters for even more targeted audiences.

URL shortening

This feature shortens your long links. This reduces the text message size and enables link tracking.

We created technology that allows us to understand which exact customer clicked on a specific link. You can track the customers that are most interested in your text marketing campaigns.

Phone Numbers

When you have messages you want to send to specific numbers, you can use the Phone Numbers section.

Phone number messaging lets you quickly test out the app once you install it. It also works out great for sending short campaigns by listing customer numbers.

Subscription Form

The final section in Text Marketing is the form.

We wanted an easy way for you to collect opt-ins for your SMS marketing campaigns. This form is an addition to the text marketing sign up link when customers register in your Shopify store.

Your customers need to subscribe for your text messages, right?

Well, you can add a signup form for text marketing on your site and shape the form to your liking.

We understand that security is important when working with numbers.

That’s why we added a double opt in process for clients who sign up for text marketing by added an unique link which confirms their subscription.

Active Campaigns

We understand that text marketing requires scheduling, so we created an Active Campaigns section.

In this section, you will be able to view every scheduled campaign for the future.

They would be able to reschedule it or delete it before it is sent.

We also know that each of our clients is based in a different timezone, so all campaigns are scheduled based on our client time zone.



Everything is great, but what is marketing without analytics.

The detailed analytics can be filtered for a time period as well as by Automation and by Marketing Campaigns.

You are not only allowed to see an overview of your message stats, but also drill down and measure the success of every campaign.

If you used our URL shortener, you can see the clients who clicked on the links you have sent and thus measure the success of that:


“Best SMS app so far. The support is fast and responsive. You can send bulk SMS, marketing campaigns and more, highly recommended!”


Over to You

SMS marketing is a powerful tool. With an open rate of 98%, text messages are a sure way that your customers will see your messages. So you need a tool to make sure those messages are good ones. Register today and let us know how it works for you!

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