Single, Multi, Unlimited and Developer License for OpenCart

What if I told you… can get a multi-license OpenCart extension for up to 5 different domains, and only pay half of the total?

Yep, that’s possible for every theme and module developed by iSenseLabs. This quick article will show you what is a module license, when and what it’s used for and what are the benefits of having multiple choices for multi-domain licenses.

License Definition

iSenseLabs OpenCart Software License

The module license is the legal agreement between a customer (either an individual, company, or any other entity) and iSenseLabs, for any software products or services developed by our team.

Basically, that’s what a software license is.

When and how do we use that license?

  • By having a license, this means you own the software forever.

  • It also means that you can get access to Premium Support as well as all new versions of the module for 1 entire year, free of charge.

  • You get full transparency of the code since the software is completely open-source.

It’s important to note that you can use a single domain license on a Dev site and transfer it to a live site later. The process is simply, login to your iSenseLabs account, go to Downloads > View Download, find your current URL, delete it and add the new one. View this post for the more detailed instructions.

Now, for the fun, money-saving part…

When buying a digital product from, you probably already noticed that you have a few more options besides the Single domain license. These options are visible when you click on the dropdown menu under Single domain.

Where to Get a Multi-Domain License?

OpenCart Ecommerce Software License

Single domain license

This option gives you the OpenCart module in its standard form, for a single domain, or a multi-store setup on a single domain.

Key licensing details:

The Single domain option lets you use the module or OpenCart theme on:

  • and

  • and

However, the Single domain option does not mean you can use the module on and

Up to 5 domains license

This is where things start to get cool for growing stores or design studios and development companies.

With the 5 domain option, you can use the module on up to 5 different domains, which usually means you need to purchase the product 5 times. However, our 5 domain license lets you use the module on all five domains at half the cost.

Key licensing details:

The Up to 5 domain option gives you the freedom to use the OpenCart software on:

  • and

  • and

  • and, up to

Unlimited domains license

Time to get excited for bigger stores with more than 5 websites, design studios, dev companies with a lot of E-Commerce OpenCart projects. Hosting companies can also benefit from this option.

Unlimited domains means you can use the OpenCart theme or extension for all the domains you can possibly have! No matter if they are 2, 5, 9 or 10,000.

Key licensing details:

This makes the Unlimited domain license the most profitable option of all because you can install the product on an infinite number of websites by paying for just 5 of them.

Developer license

An option like this is perfect for developers, design agencies and other companies who need to build white-label software or resell the software under a different name only to their set of clients. Please mind that you can’t create competition of the module itself.

As an owner of a Developer license, you can:

  • Use the software for unlimited integrations on unlimited domains

  • Use the product for your own purpose or for a client

  • Customize the product to fit your brand

  • Charge money for integration of the product into your clients' sites

If you want to explore the options for multiple domains, you can view them on two places on our site.

Product view

Product View

Each product view of a module or OpenCart theme shows the variety of options you have in a dropdown menu above the Add to Cart button.

Your cart

View Cart

The other place where you can view the multiple domain and developer license options is the cart page. Once you add a product in your cart, it lets you change the license option to a more preferred one before checking out securely.

Can You Upgrade the License?

Once you have purchased a module, you can upgrade the license at any time you want by only paying the difference in the cost, not the entire module. Access your dashboard and you will see the products you have purchased.

iSenseLabs Dashboard

Choose which module you want to upgrade and click on View Download.

This will lead you to the page with all the license information about the product you have purchased.

Scroll down until you see this:

OpenCart Module License Upgrade

Click on Upgrade and you will be ready to change your domain license. If you want to upgrade further, just repeat the action and you will still only be paying the difference.

This is the final step of the process. Simply confirm the upgrade.

Upgrade Confirmation


We hope this post has been useful for users who weren’t aware of these additional options, and more informative for users who are interested in a multi-domain license. Browse through the products and check out the different options to find the one that suits your store the most.

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