SignUpCoupons Q&A

SignUpCoupons provides a discount coupon upon registration and thus increases the chances for customers to purchase sooner and come back to the site after registering.

The module also features customizable above the banner sign that will definitely grab your web store visitors attention.

SignUpCoupons comes with a set of really cool options, which you may find out more about here.

How the short codes work in SignUpCoupons?


Short codes make it really easy to create dynamic pieces of content in the emails that you send to your clients upon registration. They are enclosed by curly brackets {}.

Here is how they work, say you want to make your Signup emails personalized and want to greet the customer by first name instead of just saying "Hi".

The way this works is by including the codes listed in the brackets in the Mail tab of the module. As you can see on the left hand side we see all the available keywords including first name, last name, discount code, discount value etc.

All of these will generate dynamic and personalized information based on the settings you have set in the module. So the way this works is that you copy the code on the left, including the brackets, and paste it into the mail editor on the right. 

How do emails work in SignUpCoupons?

The SignUpCoupons email is sent to all the customers who register to your store either via the checkout or the register page.

Once the client subscribes the coupons module sends an e-mail with a discount code. The discount code is unique for every client and thus can be used only once.

Also, clients need to be logged in in order for them to make use of the discount. Please mind that if you are using any third party modules, such as a newsletter subscription form, SignupCoupons will not be sending an email when an user registers to your newsletter via the form.

This means that SignUpCoupons email is not triggered, hence the email is not sent. If you are experiencing a similar behavior, please reach our support team here.

Does SignUpCoupons include Multi-Lingual support?

Yes, SignUpCoupons emails are multi-lingual and you can translate them into your language of choice via SignupCoupons > Mail.

How can I change the date format in the emails that we send to our customers?

The only thing that you'll have to change is in catalog/model/module/signupcoupons.php for OpenCart 2.x - 2.2.x OR catalog/model/extension/module/signupcoupons.php for OpenCart 2.3.x. Search for: 

 $date_end =  date('Y-m-d', $timeEnd); 

and change it to the way you want where

  • Y is Year
  • M is month
  • D is day

so in case I want to change my format to day-month-year I will come up with something like this

$date_end = date('d-m-Y', $timeEnd);

Save the file and you should be all set. Still, be careful not to change the rest of the date_end formats!

Hope this post helped you well. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you have any questions about the module in the comment section below.

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