15 Responsive OpenCart Themes Improving Your E-Commerce Experience

The sheer number of themes that are available for OpenCart makes it a bit tricky to find the right investment for your E-Commerce site.

A template needs to fit your business type, your website style, your own preferences, as well as the level of functionality your store needs for optimal performance.

But more importantly, the increasing number of mobile shoppers make responsiveness the focus of all new OpenCart themes. 

That’s why we decided to start digging and came up with 15 responsive OpenCart templates that are different from the most popular choices, but have the potential to change the course of your E-Commerce business.


1 Status

Status OpenCart Theme


Status is a theme that can fit any type of business. This responsive OpenCart template features a full width slider with a CTA button, AJAX search, newsletter subscription popup, zooming for product images and a Google map. It’s cross-browser compatible and developed in compliance with the OpenCart coding standards to ensure that no compatibility issues will arise.


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2 Fooder

Fooder OpenCart Theme


One of TemplateMonster’s latest gems. Fooder is an OpenCart theme designed for restaurants, having a unique product builder for personalized orders. The homepage layout builder lets you rearrange all the storefront element. Furthermore, a delivery cost calculation system estimates the delivery cost based on the location of your customers. A real game-changer for OpenCart restaurants.


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3 Love Coffee

Love Coffee OpenCart Theme


The Love Coffee OpenCart theme is another universal solution for businesses from every industry. The full-width slider allows beautiful presentation of products, promotions and announcements. The AJAX cart and search are there to improve the shopping experience for your users, and the product badges are there to notify of new deals, discounts, etc.


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4 StoreFlex

StoreFlex OpenCart Theme


StoreFlex comes with a mega menu, which is a huge user experience booster for larger OpenCart stores with big inventories. The theme also features a product price countdown, which is designed to encourage more customers to convert. Customers will laos find the improved sorting options and AJAX cart very easy to use and work with. All wrapped up in a professional design.


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5 Wheels & Tyres

Wheels & Tyres OpenCart Theme


Originally designed for an auto shop, Wheels & Tyres can be adapted to brands from any E-Commerce sector. The theme color switcher helps you adjust the store design to match your brand and begin customizing your site with the custom features for brands, blogging, and product badges.


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6 Tessa

Tessa OpenCart Theme


Take your product presentation to the next level with the background video feature in Tessa. You can create a welcoming experience and excellent first impression, one of the most important parts of E-Commerce design. You can get creative with this OpenCart theme, not just in terms of video presentation, but also with the integrated blog feature.


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7 Cendo

Cendo OpenCart Theme


Furniture stores will find Cendo to be a fitting theme for their OpenCart site. The mega menu, customizable product page and slider offer a lot of flexible ways to showcase your work. Tailor the experience you want your customers to get and make sure your store looks awesome on all devices.


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8 Mozar

Mozar OpenCart Theme


Mozar is a clothing & fashion theme for OpenCart stores that are looking for a clean look, packed with functionality. There is a lot of AJAX loading action going on in the search, cart, navigation, wishlist and toolbar. The quick view allows customers to preview your products faster, and the mega menu allows a better browsing experience for larger inventories.


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9 UP! (Editor’s Pick)

UP OpenCart Theme


An OpenCart template with many different faces. Choose the skin that fits your brand best and start customizing the E-Commerce experience of your customers. The multiple skins and layout variations let you create a unique flow in combination with the customizable header, product slider, mega menu and category page. UP! offers your OpenCart site a new level of control.


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10 Nikado

Nikado OpenCart Theme


The 4 different skins of Nikado make it an OpenCart theme that is easily adaptable to many online businesses. Mobile users will find the product sliders very useful for their shopping experience, and the quick product view will enhance it even more. Choose your preferred header, create daily hot deals and don’t forget to utilize the integrated blog feature.


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11 Angara

Angara OpenCart Theme


Angara is an example of a fully universal OpenCart theme that can get businesses from any industry off the ground in no time. The mega menu is beautifully designed both for a great desktop and mobile experience. Focus the customer’s attention on specific products with the daily deals and sliders, as well as the quick view for a faster shopping experience.


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12 Pavo Fashion

Pavo Fashion OpenCart Theme


Pavo Fashion is a modern OpenCart template designed to bring out the best in a fashion store with 4 different skins and a live theme editor. Another level of usability for your customers is added to your store with the mega menu featuring sub-category widgets and a full width product slider for product promotions and announcements.


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13 Pavo Wind

Pavo Wind OpenCart Theme


The drag and drop page builder in Pavo Wind lets you customize one of the 4 different skins that are built-in the theme. Content is handled effortlessly with this OpenCart template as you have 50 different widgets that can be customized. The powerful control panel and live theme editor will let you adapt this theme any type of E-Commerce business.


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14 Pavo Food

Pavo Food OpenCart Theme


Pavo Food can bring a simple and mouthwatering online ordering experience to any customer. If your restaurant, cafe, or fast food needs a better flow for mobile devices, this responsive OpenCart template will give you the control and easy theme editing features to reshape the face of your business let your customers make their orders effortlessly.


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15 Radiance - FREE

Radiance Free OpenCart Theme


Radiance is designed by iSenseLabs and is the only free theme in this collection. The custom features include a new cart view, brands module, improved search and semantic code that simplifies SEO. Radiance is built to make your OpenCart store look beautiful and easy to work with on any mobile device.


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What’s Your Favorite Theme?

This is our selection of the OpenCart themes that caught our attention the most. What theme are you using to get your customers’ attention and would you consider one of these templates? What’s the most important feature in an E-Commerce theme for you? Let us know in the comments.

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