Quora Milestone: 1st Position for Most Viewed Writers in OpenCart

At the beginning of the year, we started helping OpenCart store owners, answering their questions in the popular website Quora. Today we are happy to be the most reputable author for OpenCart, which means most views and reputation points in Quora.

Quora OpenCart Topic

For those who are not familiar with it, Quora is one of the most common places to ask any kind of question and receive answers that are filtered for their quality and elaborate writing. It’s a place where your reputation grows as you answer more and more questions and receive upvotes from readers if you are good enough.

The website has an abundance of questions and answers ranging from Marketing, Development, E-Commerce and Design, to all kinds of topics for Culture, Economics, Science, Life and Living, and so on.

In this blog post, we will share how we took on Quora and how we developed our strategy.

Our first steps in Quora

The topic we are focused on is E-Commerce, and more specifically - OpenCart.

I created an account for myself and started answering questions from regular users about OpenCart. We were answering questions every other day.

The ultimate goal was immediately set - we were after the first position among the most viewed writers for the topic.

Some serious competition

So, as I said, the other writers in the OpenCart topic have a lot of insight into the platform so there was healthy competition.

In the beginning, our aim was to demonstrate our knowledge that comes from over 4 years of experience with OpenCart and E-Commerce. I guess that persistence pays off because after some time, my answers also started getting upvotes here and there. The formula we used was simple:

We believe that a good answer has to be as objective as possible and provide knowledge & understanding. If it has an example in it - even better. At the end, it’s good to point out that the answer is a recommendation above all.

So, I guess there was something to strive for.

As the questions kept coming, I kept learning and sharing my own knowledge and passion about helping OpenCart enthusiasts get started.

Up there with the big boys

Gradually, my profile appeared at the bottom of the 10 Most viewed writers in OpenCart.

It was quite a pleasant moment and most importantly - an inspiring one.

As my confidence grew, the Profile positions on the writer grid went up as well. Our ultimate goal suddenly became a possible milestone.

I was hovering over Quora every single day looking for questions that needed an answer. Of course, my knowledge isn’t endless, so I didn’t always have a prepared answer. Whenever this was the case I would consult with some of my iSenseLabs colleagues and work on an answer together. However, this is a case that is becoming less frequent each week.

The moment I’ve been waiting for…

Today, July 18, a cloudy Monday morning, half an year after we started our active presence in Quora… my day instantly became awesome when I saw this:

After half an year, the ultimate milestone was reached!

This is a thrilling achievement that will definitely inspire even more effort when answering questions in Quora. It’s a privilege being at the top of the list and a responsibility of being even more reliable with the answers to OpenCart users.

You know you are making progress when you distribute what you have learned free of charge and you have made a difference for someone. Thanks to everyone who found my answers useful and upvoted them, it really helped and I appreciate each one. See you in the answers!

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