Protect and brand your products with WaterMark

WaterMark is a simple and intuitive OpenCart extension that allows you to automatically watermark all of your product images in a matter of seconds. Do you want to protect your product images, make them representative of your store brand and retain your customer loyalty? If so, follow this article which presents the way WaterMark can help you protect your images.

Secure your products

Did you know that people remember 80 percent of what they see, and just 20 percent of what they read? The power of images is one of the most important factors in running a successful online business. That is why, a great attention needs to be given in protecting your site images. The issue becomes more serious if you are selling photographs, paintings or other artworks. WaterMark is a tool that can help in these aspects.


There are two main reasons to use watermarks in your product images. First, the watermark tends to keep other retailers from stealing your images and using them to sell identical products in competition with your retail business. Second, the watermark identifies your retail name or company. Should somebody steal the images, they will advertise your business. The issues become more serious if you are selling photographs, paintings or other artworks.

Foster Brand Recognition 

When thinking of the most successful businesses in the world, one of the first things that pops up in your mind is their logos. All the products they release have their logo assigned. In the same way, you, as an online store owner, can promote your products. It is an accepted and proven way for creating brand awareness. What you need to do in this case, is to use your business logo as a watermark image. It will identify your products with your logo, and foster brand recognition.


 On the other hand, it is commonly said that watermarking is time consuming, especially if you have multiple products and multiple stores. However, with WaterMark module this process will only take a few minutes, enabling you to :
·         Instantly Watermark All Your Products
·         Stop Competitors From Using Your Product Images
·         Easily Create a Custom Watermark for Your Products
It is fast, easy to use,effortlessly customizable and comes with a premium support. Additionally, it supports multi-store, which enables you to apply different watermarks to the different stores.  

Module Customization 

After installing the module you would have the opportunity to watermark the existing products images of your store and automatically apply the watermark to the newly added images. The module gives you the opportunity to apply watermarks on product images based on their dimensions. 
You can also choose specific categories in which the watermark will be applied. Furthermore, it is possible to specify individual products for watermarking.


Image and text watermarks

WaterMark offers two types of watermarks : image and text. Image watermarker requires you to upload an image file .png or .jpg , which basically can be your business logo. After uploading the image, you can adjust its position and optionally choose rotations scale.

Image opacity is another feature applied for both watermark types which can be adjusted in different percentage.Opacity is a property for transparency, it can take values from 0-100.A lower value mean more transparent image,and vice versa. Note: If your watermark image is with a .PNG extension, you can choose to apply opacity to the image.

If a text watermark is chosen, more features are shown that enable you to make further customization. They allow you to adjust font size and the color that matches your store style. With the help of a powerful color palette you can choose any color. Furthermore, you can even upload your own font for the watermark. Below you will find the steps to follow for adding a new font.  

How to add a custom font ?

1. Find your desired font
You can make a search in google with the word “ttf font”, which stands for TrueType Font and different results will be shown with free fonts you can use. We downloaded the Journal font from Font Squirrel site. Please make sure that the file you are downloading is a .ttf file.

2. Upload font file
In order to upload the font file, you need to locate the folder font, in the following location on your server : vendors/iwatermark/font . You can use a FTP client such as FileZilla or Dreamweaver to upload the font file.

3.Check the desired result

Refresh your module and select the newly added font in admin panel Extension => Modules => WaterMark => Control Panel -> Text font.



In conclusion

If you are looking for a way to protect your products images and foster your brand recognition, then WaterMark would be the right module for your online store. It is a simple and intuitive extension that allows you to create and customize watermarks fast and easy, applying them to the desired products and categories. 


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