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Today we'll do a Q&A for one of our newest modules - Promotions. The extension comes with of hundreds of options to make your store promotion unique and allows you to set up pretty much any type of promo campaign.

We are always on the hunt for new promotion ideas to add to the module so in case you spot a possible option missing, please reach out to us and we will be happy to consider it for a future release.

Since the module also has quite a bit of features, you can learn more about what it offers by clicking the demo button at the bottom of this post.

Let's answer some questions.

My discount does not show in the cart view. Why is that?

The issue is most probably caused because the sort order for your order totals is not defined. The Order Totals are configured from Extensions > Order Totals, where each of them has a sort order.

You simply need to set the sort order for the Promotions order totals, the Sub-total, and the Totals.

Please keep this in mind if you have another store, you can always change the sort order of the order totals. In the most common case although not always, the sort order needs to be set in the second position.

Why is the promotion not working for my clients?

Most probably you have enabled the module admin mode and in this case only when you are logged in as admin you can see and use the promotion. Please disable this option from Promotions > All Promotions > Settings > Admin Mode and the promotion will be available to all the users. 

Is Promotions multi-lingual and how can I translate it in my language?

Promotions is multi-lingual and what you have to do is translate the module language file.

Please access the file catalog/language/english/module/promotion.php and copy it. Access catalog/language/YOURLANGUAGE/module/ folder and paste the file. Change the content of the file by translating the text into your language.

Here is how the content of the file looks like. You would need to change the text after the equal sign "=":

$_['heading_title'] = 'Promotions';
$_['view_more_button_text'] = 'View more';
$_['description_title'] = 'Description';
$_['linked_products_title'] = 'Linked Products';
$_['linked_categories_title'] = 'Linked Categories';
$_['linked_manufacturers_title'] = 'Linked Manufacturers';

//Product page lang vars
$_['view_promotions_button'] = 'View Promotions ';
$_['promo_tab_header'] = 'Promotions';

Save the file and check the result.

Is it possible to have globally applied discount to all products? For instance 10% discount to all store products.

You can apply a global discount by going to the Actions tab in the module. You can select a Cart Total Discount, set the wanted percentage (10% for this example in this case) and you're done!

In this case the discount will be applied during checkout on the total amount of the order. Please mind that the discount would NOT be visible during shopping (Like when you have a special price on a product and the old price is scratched off).

Is Promotions compatible to PHP 7.0?

Yes, the module is compatible with PHP 7.0, as are all of our extensions.

That’s all!

Hope this post suits you well. Let us know if you have any questions about the module in the comments below.

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