Powerful Feefo OpenCart Integration

What is Feefo?

Feefo is a brilliant, easy to use service that allows you to instantly see how your customers feel. Experts say Feefo is the most trusted independent customer feedback forum. These are some of the reasons we decided to offer a Feefo integration to OpenCart customers. Installation is plug and play and easy as ABC. Right with the installation you are prompted to enter your Feefo Login and Password:

Feefo Integration for OpenCart allows you to submit orders data to Feefo with a single click. This operation is done via the Admin/ Process Orders panel. There, Feefo processes the order details and gets in touch with your customers prompting for feedback regarding their purchase.

Feefo has grown into a sophisticated multipurpose service. Our aim is to add to the powerful array of features Feefo comes to offer stage by stage. What would you like to be the next feature we add to our Feefo OpenCart integration you can't do without?


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