OpenPack Plus: Eliminate Complexity. Get All the Work Done For You.

If you aren’t already familiar with OpenPack… where have you been?

Silly question, you’ve probably been on vacation, bringing your online store in your MacBook to the beach, having fun and living the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Or you have been stuck at home or the office, trying to figure out how to bring up those numbers from Google Analytics, get the traffic and conversion metrics up, and choose which extensions to install.

If the second scenario describes your situation better, then you are part of the reason why we decided to add another plan to OpenPack.

We wanted to make OpenPack even more useful for people whose web stores are running on OpenCart. With over 4 years of experience and immense amounts of coding, we have figured out a lot of the challenges that the Ecommerce world is facing.

What is OpenPack?

OpenPack is an Ecommerce bundle which contains all of our OpenCart modules and themes. The bundle consists of all the diverse and premium features and functionalities that the OpenCart extensions add to your digital store.

OpenPack Standard Edition

Well, OpenPack is meant to do just that - supply you with all the premium OpenCart modules your store needs at a heavily discounted price.

Let's see a few cool things that make OpenPack a smart choice.

Free Access to Future iSenseLabs Products

You will have free access to all digital products developed by our team at any point in the future without paying anything extra. This means that you will receive any new product we develop during this year for free.

75%+ Savings

You are saving more than 75% of the total value of over 105 OpenCart products developed by iSenseLabs.

Premium Support

OpenPack gives you all of the module updates and support for all of the products in the bundle for 1 year starting from the purchase date.

What is OpenPack Plus?

Since most of the customers who purchased OpenPack wanted us to help with module installation and asked about what theme to choose, which version and how to structure their store, we decided to bring these as extra features at a heavily discounted price.

OpenCart Extension Bundle OpenPack

The idea is to make the whole experience of opening, running and consulting about your Ecommerce website as easy as possible.

Here is how the Installation and Consultation bundle looks like:

OpenCart Installation and Theme Consultation

Let's take a look at the three new major features:

Installation and integration of modules of your choice

OpenCart Module Installation

Installing and configuring modules is certainly a huge investment in terms of time, especially if possible compatibility issues arise. Sometimes, even coding knowledge is required. We were getting a lot of customer requests for help with that, so we believe installing and configuring all modules is a worthy feature.

Professional theme consultation

OpenCart Theme Consultation

Themes are beautiful way to dress up your store. The more features they have, the better they look in the eyes of the customer. However, these feature pay the price of usually modifying the core of OpenCart or adding many changes and complexities.

This does not sync well with additional modules when you need them. Considering the thousands of OpenCart themes available, consultation and an opinion from a specialist is a very useful thing. We will be happy to share our hands on experience with installing, debugging and fixing thousands of themes.

Expert website evaluation

OpenCart Website Evaluation

For more than 4 years, we have been creating solutions that simplify the work of Ecommerce store owners, help them sell more and be successful. We have seen and collaborated with literally hundreds of thousands of clients from all over the world. Our team has witnessed beautiful stores and ones that just don’t look good.

This grew our passion to offer a consultancy service which helps diagnose front end, User Interface and User Experience errors, offer strategies (mobile and desktop), help improve SEO, content, and market your store better. We wanted to make this service more available to regular customers, so we believe it’s an excellent fit in the context of OpenPack Plus.

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