10 Most Viewed OpenCart 3.x YouTube Videos For One Year

1 year of OpenCart video production. We published our first OpenCart 3.x video tutorial exactly one year ago, on July 20 2017.

Making videos isn’t easy and this is not news for anyone who tried it.

But we see how much OpenCart merchants watch and use them to drive their online businesses forward and it motivates us to keep trying new things and publishing more and more YouTube content to find what you guys need the most.

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Let’s see the 10 most popular video tutorials from the past 12 months.

How to Install a Theme in OpenCart 3.x

OpenCart themes are one of the best ways to give your online store a makeover and strap it up with some additional features to get your sales up and going. Watch this video to learn how to install a theme in your OpenCart 3.x site.

How to Use the Language Editor in OpenCart 3.x

The OpenCart Language Editor is an excellent tool to modify the content on all the pages of your store. This includes titles, headlines, menus, and basically any language string that can be edited for the selected route.

How to Create New Products in OpenCart 3.x

The OpenCart product creation process can be very detailed and we wanted to clear things up on all the possible fields and tab you can edit before saving your new product.

How to Set up SEO URLs in OpenCart 3.x

Configuring your SEO URLs is a basic step to beginning your search engine optimization strategy in OpenCart. This is how you can enable them and start customizing your link structure with a new and more appealing look both for users and search engines.

How to Use The Layouts in OpenCart 2.3.x

Customising your OpenCart store is done with the Layout system. It's quite easy and intuitive and works for the OpenCart extensions you install in your store. Here is how to add elements and move them around the content top, bottom, left or right.

How to Set Up MultiStore in OpenCart 2.x

For the Multi-store users out there, this is how you can add more than one store to your OpenCart installation. Helpful tip: always make sure the OpenCart extensions you need have support for multi-store before installing them.

How to Install OpenCart 3.x for Beginners

For users who are new to OpenCart and want to learn, this tutorial will get you through the installation process of your new store. Make sure to subscribe and watch our other videos for more helpful tips on learning how to setup your store for growth!

How to Create and Add Filters to OpenCart 2.x

Help your customers find their favorite products faster by letting them narrow down the results they need. Learn how to add filters to your product categories and make it fast and simple to browse your store.

How to Create Categories and Sub-Categories in OpenCart 3.x

After you know how to create new products, it's time to separate them in their respective categories. This is how to create main categories and sub-categories in your new OpenCart store.

How to Add Options in OpenCart 2.3.x and Assign them to Products

Selling products in different variants? Here is how to add all your different product options to the items in your store so customers can choose whatever they want.

Wrap up

Those were the most popular videos on our YouTube channel for the past 1 year. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and follow our tutorials and let us know what are the topics you want us to cover in the future.

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