Introducing Our Updated Product Documentations

Readable and user-friendly software documentations are how we aim to make a difference for our digital products.

The goal to make your life easier when working with OpenCart is what drove us to update and produce brand new documentations for our extensions.

No more PDFs, it's all digital now.

What information will you find in the iSenseLabs Documentations?

There are many important aspects of the product documentations for our OpenCart extensions. Some of them are about beginners and some are key for advanced users.

Here are the 4 most useful types of info:

  • Answers of important pre-sales questions

  • Installation and configuration instructions

  • The extension interface and it’s usability

  • Functionality range and compatibility

How can you find the documentations you need?

One of the easiest ways to locate the documentation you need is on the product page of the OpenCart extensions we develop.

Here’s an example:

Extension Product Page Documentation

Currently, 36 of our OpenCart extensions have documentations. The efforts to update all of our modules with proper documentations don’t stop, so soon all of them will be thoroughly explained.

View All Documentations Here


The next place you can find our documentations is in our main menu.

Click Resources and find the product documentations on the right side of the menu:

iSenseLabs Main Menu

Documentations Index Page

This is the page where all of the documentations are alphabetically listed.

Simple enough - find the OpenCart extension you are looking for and click to view its product documentation.

iSenseLabs Product Documentations

Documentation View

This is the documentation interface. Use the navigation menu on the left to find the instructions you need and view all the information, details and screenshots on the right.

OpenCart Module Documentation

The documentations are optimized to work well on mobile devices as well.

Documentation Mobile View

When you are familiar with the documentation and have a good grasp on the instructions, you can use that to get around the product demo easier.

There’s a View Demo button in the top right corner of every documentation which redirects you straight to the extension demo.

OpenCart Module Demo Page

This way, you’ve learned how module works and can see its behavior in a test OpenCart store.


View Documentations Here

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