OpenCart Now Has Mastercard Payment Gateway Services - Introduced by iSenseLabs

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services for OpenCart is an integration that we developed by working together with Mastercard to bring the most premium shopping experience and payment security to your E-Commerce site.

  • Checkout hosted by Mastercard
  • Only works with SSL Certified stores
  • Capture, Void and Refund transactions directly from OpenCart
  • Tokenization of credit card details

Installing the integration is done the same way like any other OpenCart module is installed.

Main Extension Features

The extension is packed with features and we will show you some of the main settings you can configure after downloading and installing it.

Hosted Checkout via Lightbox or Redirect

Every bit of the sensitive data your customers enter is collected in a secure hosted checkout managed by Mastercard.

Lightbox - the customer is not redirected to an external checkout. Instead, the customer gets an iframe where they can enter their payment details without leaving the site. The iframe is still hosted by Mastercard.

Hosted Payment Page - redirects the customer from your checkout to a hosted payment page where the details can be entered, after which they are brought back to the checkout in your store.

Tokenization of Credit Cards (Only for Registered Customers)

Tokenized credit cards mean that customers can make fast checkouts without getting redirected and slowed down by entering their details in the Hosted Checkout gateway. Each next purchase the user makes is faster, which contributes to a better customer experience.

No sensitive credit card information is stored in your database. All data is collected and encrypted in Mastercard. Your database stores only a credit card token for maximum security.

1-Stage and 2-Stage Transaction Processing

The extension is fully compatible with 1-Stage (Payment) and 2-Stage (Authorize and Capture) payment methods.

Voiding and Refunding Transactions

Refunding and voiding transactions is also done directly from the module settings.

Detailed Debug Logging

Debug logging can be enabled or disabled and it is indispensable for developers and support experts who want to take a closer look in case something goes wrong.

Detailed Display of Transaction Data

Transaction ID, Order ID, Status, Transaction Result, Transaction Type, Amount, Risk Status, Risk Score, Customer User Agent, Customer IP and more. Click the View button to take a closer look at the entire transaction data.

Supports All Gateway Endpoints

The payment gateways for North America/South America; Europe/UK/MEA; Asia/Pacific make the extension usable by OpenCart stores around the globe. You can specify your own custom gateway using the Other option, which opens an additional field.

Integration with Google Analytics

You can enter your store’s Property ID provided by Google Analytics. You can provide the ID to track checkout interactions using your Google Analytics account.

Test Mode

Always make sure that your extension is working properly before enabling it for customers to use. Check the instructions in the documentation to see how Test mode is enabled.

Extra Perks

Along with the extensive functionality that the integration allows, there are many benefits of using the Mastercard module.

100% Free

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services can be downloaded for free from iSenseLabs and OpenCart.

100% Mobile-Friendly

The admin panel looks great on desktop and all mobile devices so you can configure your settings at all times.


The extension only works on OpenCart stores with an SSL certificate enabled. The sensitive data your customers enter is not stored on your site. All payments, fraud checks, and credit card information are managed securely and directly by Mastercard.

Seamless Integration with OpenCart

The extension is developed to work without overriding any of the OpenCart core files.

Tidy and Standardized Code

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services is developed with the best coding practices and delivers flawless performance due to its clean architecture.

Constant Updates

The iSenseLabs developers always do their best to frequently release updates with bug fixes, performance and stability improvements as well as features.

Clean and Crisp Documentation

You can go through the configuration process relying entirely on the well-written and extensive documentation.

This extension was created with the help of Mastercard® and comes with community support. As part of the community support, iSenseLabs can help with informational pointers. For any support cases, please contact the Mastercard® support.


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