OpenCart Enhancement with Industry-Specific Extensions Designed for Your Store

The modularity in OpenCart gives you the freedom to choose exactly what your E-Commerce store needs to grow successful.

That is why, we created our brand new section - Modules by Sector!

We have based our recommendations on 5 years of first-hand experience with over 30,000 OpenCart stores from all possible industries. We have seen what works best for each store and each sector and decided that it will be best to share this knowledge.

It cannot be easier. Simply find your industry, click it and you will find 6 hand-picked module ideas that are tailored for the exact needs of your E-Commerce site.

Let’s take the tech industry for example. Our Computers and Internet industry features three sectors - Hosting, Software and Computers.

Once you click on one of them, in our case Software, we see suggestions which are unique to this sector.

In software for example, we find that having analytics, an intuitive comment system, product recommendations, pre-ordering and a beautiful order success page can help raise your digital sales.

Another popular industry is Fashion and Beauty. We have prepared even more sectors for it due to the massive amount of OpenCart stores selling Wedding, Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry, Linen and Lace, and Uniform products.

There are precise recommendations for each of those sectors.

In fashion, it’s important to have real customers showing your products, a beautiful newsletter, cart abandonment solution, a simple checkout, quick filters and a way to create intelligent and alluring promotions.

Finally, we have a section with our most popular and universal extensions across all stores and industries.

You can always benefit from a quick search, a backup & restore tool, export & import tool, caching solution for better PageSpeed score, a way to decrease cart abandonment, and run smart promotions that sell.

No matter the industry.

See the Selection

We hope you find our OpenCart module recommendations useful! Let us know what your store is selling and what you are using to give your conversion rates a healthy boost in the comments below.

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