Introducing OpenCart Dedicated Support

So far, support for OpenCart stores has been handled either by the community in the forums, by official partners, freelancers and development studios.

Until now.

Two weeks ago OpenCart rolled its official Dedicated Support offering, where you can have your own team of skilled technical support representatives to help you out.

Let’s talk about what dedicated support means and what features it has to offer.

What's included:

Installation, configuration and extension setup is an often requested service from a major part of the OpenCart store owners. This is now part of the dedicated support and is performed by the team that helped build OpenCart and constantly make it better.

This also includes maintenance, bug fixes and upgrades via a ticket support system with guaranteed response time.


Which option is better for you?

One Time Fix

This is already a popular choice among OpenCart users. It’s a quick solution with a one time payment and a single purpose to resolve the issue and give results. That’s it.

If you are having a bug or some other complication that you cannot understand and handle on your own, the One Time Fix is for you.


The monthly plan is for users who want to have consistent assistance with their stores and includes maintenance, bug fixes, module upgrades, installation and much more.

If you are new to the platform or simply want a more dedicated helping hand with your OpenCart store, subscribing for the Premium plan will give you a lot of benefits.

Important Note

Both of the support plans are not designed for introducing new features, creating custom functionalities or design. Their purpose is to maintain your OpenCart store and help with bugs, compatibility issues, configuration, upgrades and installation.

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