New Features, Module Fixes and Latest News. iSenseLabs Weekly #28

It’s been a busy week at the iSenseLabs office and we have a lot of important updates ready to be shared. A few of the most important steps ahead were the major improvements of ExcelPort and AbandonedCarts.

Among the new features we added to both the modules, they are among the first OpenCart extensions we have updated to the latest platform version

ExcelPort 1.11 (OpenCart 1.5.x) and ExcelPort 2.5 (OpenCart 2.x)

New feature: Bulk export/import is now 100% compatible with OpenStock.

New feature: Introduced import/export of Coupons.

New feature: Introduced import/export of Vouchers.

New feature: Added option to specify HTML formatting of exported product descriptions.

New feature: Customer export/import now supports the following fields - Store ID, IP, Date Added.

Improvement: Compatible with OpenCart 2.3+.

Improvement: Option value names are now trimmed upon import of products, resulting in better option value detection.

Bug fix: Fixed import restriction when license is not entered.

Bug fix: Fixed error message while exporting when OpenStock is enabled.

Bug fix: Version display in module listing and in module dashboard.

Bug fix: Activate License icon color changed to white.

Bug fix: Download was leading to a blank page on rare occasions.

AbandonedCarts 5.1 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

IMPORTANT: Due to the many changes in the newest version of OpenCart, from now on the product will be shipped in two .ZIP files. The first one is for stores using OpenCart 2.3.x. The other one is for the older versions of OpenCart - from 2.0.x to 2.2.x.

New feature: Added full compatibility with OpenCart 2.3.x.

Improvement: This is only for OpenCart 2.3.x stores. The module's widget, which can be displayed in the "Dashboard" page, is now managed from Extensions -> Extensions -> Dashboard -> Total Abandoned Carts.

Bug fix: Corrected the wrong CRON URL in the helper texts in the "Scheduled Tasks" tab.

SMSBump 2.6 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Improvement: Admin layout improvements.

FacebookMessage 2.1 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

New feature: Added Multi-Store

Bug fix: Language file variables

TieredGifts 1.0.2 (OC 1.5.4.x to 1.5.6.x)

Bug fix: Licensing.

NotifyWhenAvailable 2.5 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

OpenCart 2.3 Compatibility

Bug fix: Fixed template path of the test cron method

PopupWindow 2.3 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

New feature: YouTube video support;

Bug fix: Fixed a bug causing mixed popup content when exit intent is used.

CallForPrice 2.4 (OC 2.0.x to 2.3.x)

New feature: Log product options and quantity if selected.

Improvement: Added full compatibility with OpenCart 2.3.x.

ProductManager 2.8.2 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Bug fix: Fixed bug with bulk renaming products in multilingual environments​

BotBlocker 1.3 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Bug fix: Fix the settings decoding for the newer OC versions

Remove unused file

SocialDiscounts 2.4.4 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Improvement: Changed hover effect of Facebook Share button.

Bug fix: Replacing hard coded admin folder paths for better compatibility.

GoogleLogin 2.3.2 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Bug fix: Administration SSL issue

Bonus Section: Our Favorite Articles of the Week

Image Optimization for SEO

By SEORave

This is a very straightforward article that explains the basics of optimizing the images for your website and focusing on their SEO potential. The post features a lot of tools and sources for images as well as basic information about the most used image types that are out there.

Using Content as a Tool for Better Success

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Web content is quite an interesting thing. Its potential is so huge it’s hardly measurable, but since it’s founded upon different factors (creativity being one of them), it’s hard to generate the perfect piece of content that will fit you and your readers best. It has the power to educate and empower, but to focus that power, you need to know what you’re doing. This article has some of the clues you need to put your content puzzle together.

134 Actionable Growth Strategies for Your Business

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OpenCart 2.3 is Officially Released. What’s New?

By iSenseLabs

We wrote a post about the latest release of OpenCart showing the new features that stand out the most. There have been changes in both the interface and functionality of the admin panel that improve the usability of the platform. Check out if you are interested in what’s new in the latest OpenCart!

Pick of the Week

If you haven’t already heard of Canva, it’s an awesome tool that lets you create beautiful images for multiple web purposes with little to no design knowledge. Try it out!

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