New Features, Module Fixes and Latest News. iSenseLabs Weekly #16

Our newest updates are ready and we are happy to release all the work our team has done during the past week. The major releases include ProductManager and iCustomFooter for OpenCart 2.x.

Stop by our favorite weekly articles and a very special Pick of the Week!

ProductManager 2.6 (OC 2.x)

New feature: Three types of bulk category manipulations (add/replace/delete)

New feature: Bulk delete special prices

Improvement: Menu link text is taken out of ocmod

Improvement: .js file is relocated to the javascript folder

Improvement: Various improvements to the bulk edit of special prices - supports mathematical operations and percentage

Improvement: Bulk edit specials form validation

Bug fix: Fixed bug with adding/subtracting decimal numbers to product properties

iCustomFooter 3.3 (OC 2.x)

New feature: Duplicate settings from another language, or in case of multistore, from another store.

New feature: Added a setting to use iCustomFooter only

New feature: Multiple locations on Google Maps

Improvement: Facebook column

Bug fix: Fixed export/import issue with OpenCart

Bug fix: Contact form on mobile devices when iCustomFooter responsive mode is enabled

Bug fix: Contact form send email functionality

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.0.x and 2.2.x

NotifyWhenAvailable 2.4.7 (OC 2.x)

Improvement: Improved performance of the ajax requests.

Improvement: JavaScript popover on smartphones.

Bug fix: Multi-store was not working properly.

Bug fix: Language tabs for sending emails after a product is back in stock.

FreeShippingTeaser 2.3.1 (OC 2.x)

Improvement: Support for Journal2 Quick checkout.

Improvement: Support for AjaxQuick Checkout.

PreviousNextProduct 2.2.1 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

VideoPublisher 2.0.3 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

OrderSuccessPage 2.2.5 (OC 2.x)

Bug Fixes

‚ÄčLabelMaker 2.4.2 (OC 2.x)

Improvement: Improved admin panel loading speed.

Bonus: Our Favorite Articles of the Week

Generation Smartphone - What Comes Next?

By Alex Bursak

The way smartphones overtook the market and started replacing Personal Computers came as a shock to many in the hardware sector. However, the latest statistics show a slow decline of smartphone sales and fewer first-time buyers. Check the article to see what the future holds for smartphones and new technology.

Social Media and Customer Support - Do You Need to Be Doing It?

By Andy Sellers

The rising consumer expectations press businesses to offer much more than quality in their products and services. Think of social media presence as a way to keep up with your customers, instead of your customers keeping up with your brand. As for customer support, think of it as the helping hand you always need in a difficult moment.

A Formula for Creating 10X Content

By Userlike

The sweet spot for a topic is found between 4 factors - what users search for, what their interests are, what your expertise is, and underserved content. Userlike talk about a formula that helps you create just the right concoction of content that will spark emotion, engagement and shareability.

Increase Traffic in OpenCart with These 5 Proven Ideas

By iSenseLabs

Bringing traffic into your store is essential for its survival. Think of this as building more bridges to your website and letting more people in. There are many techniques you can use to do that, and in our article we take a look at the 5 main and most effective.

Pick of the Week

The Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet is filled with code samples that allow different functions in the latest Bootstrap version. There is a preview section that shows the code and the front-end side.


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