New Features, Module Fixes and Latest News. iSenseLabs Weekly #14

After another week of bug fixing and improvements, we are ready to show our latest OpenCart module updates. The emphasis this week is on the larger releases - Yotpo and SocialDiscounts.

Stop by the latest pick of the week and our favorite E-Commerce articles for the past week.


Yotpo 2.0.1 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

New feature: Yotpo star rating is now enabled on product page, manufacturer page, compare page, featured and bestsellers modules.

New feature: Option for disabling the default OpenCart review and rating system.

Improvement: Extension status option.

Improvement: Helper text in the admin panel.

SocialDiscounts 2.4 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

Bug fix: form validation fix in admin panel.

Bug fix: The share checkbox in admin the Facebook tab was showing and hiding the like urls as well. Now it is divided.

Bug fix: Fixed bug, which was caused by an undefined index in the session data.

New feature: Setting a URL to be fetched when tweeting is now available.

ComparePrices 2.0.4 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

CallForPrice 1.2 (OC 1.5.x)

Added the missing files in admin and catalog folders.

AbandonedCarts 4.1.3 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

PersistentCart 2.4.2 for (OC 2.1.x to OC 2.2.x )

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

Bonus: Favorite Articles of the Week

E-commerce Enters the B2B Era

By Rob Biederman

E-commerce made a disruptive shift in the way we do our shopping, but that mainly goes for Business-to-Customer (B2C) relations. But do we know how big corporations trade? Has E-commerce been so useful for them as it has to ordinary shoppers? Check this post to learn how some businesses took on the goal of easing online buying for larger B2B clients.

Future of Physical Retail - Where did the Humans Go?

By Michael Spencer

Physical retail is still dominant in the number of sales being made, while E-commerce is responsible for a relatively smaller volumes. The human touch is still the shot-caller when it comes to making purchasing decisions. But what does the future hold for the next generation of shoppers? Will touching the product still be an obstacle for online sales or E-commerce solutions will manage to overcome that hurdle?

5 Simple Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

By Tom Roy

Digital marketing is still marketing, it’s not that different from its traditional form if the main change is in the channels. Social media presence does not have to cover every imaginable channel. Going mobile is no longer something extra that you sprinkle on your online presence, it’s the first step. It’s tough to still see these mistakes hold back a major part of businesses.

OpenCart Communities - A Source of Know-How, Inspiration and Support

By iSenseLabs

Building and maintaining a community is always a challenge, so we decided to make a collection of some of the popular OpenCart communities and present them in a single post. 

Pick of the Week

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