New Features, Module Fixes and Latest News. iSenseLabs Weekly #11

Thank you for checking in with our weekly OpenCart updates once more. We have a lot of cool new features brewing in the labs, so be sure to go over all of the improvements and keep your E-Commerce store up-to-code.

Refresh your knowledge with the finest articles from around the web at the end and have fun with the latest Pick of the Week.

SMSBump 2.5.2 (OC 2.x)


Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

Improvement: AjaxQuickCheckout compatibility.

Improvement: Option for using dedicated numbers purchased in

Improvement: Option for bulk message scheduling.

SocialDiscounts 2.4 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

Bug fix: Form validation fix in admin panel.

Bug fix: The 'Share' checkbox in the admin facebook tab was showing and hiding the 'Like' URLs as well. Now each checkbox is responsible for its URLs.

Bug fix: Fixed bug, which was caused by an undefined index in the session data

New feature: Setting a URL to be fetched when tweeting is now available

NotifyWhenAvailable 2.4.6 (OC 2.x)

Improvement: Improved compatibility with PreOrder.

BirthdayReminder 2.5 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

Improvement: 'Send gift' form in the admin panel is now responsive

RelatedProductsPro 2.1.3 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

AutoDetect 1.5 (OC 1.5.2.x to 1.5.6.x)

Update of the ip2nation database
Improvement: IP detection
Improvement: Asynchronous detect method no longer relies on form submitting
Improvement: Update button when DB is outdated

WaterMark 1.5 + WaterMark 2.1 (OC 1.5.4.x to 1.5.6.x and OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x
New feature: Added 4 new positions for the watermark - top center, right center, bottom center and left center
Bug fix: Watermark image now properly appears in HTTPS admin panels

FacebookComments 2.3.1 for (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

InstagramLogin 2.2.3 (OC 2.2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

MaintenanceMode+ 2.2.1 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

VisualLayouts 1.3 (OC 2.x)

Bug fix: Fixed bug, which prevents removing the last module from a layout

CallForPrice 1.1 (OC 1.5.x)

Improvement: Front-end changes

New feature: Hide the price.

CallForPrice 2.2 (OC 2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

PopupWindow v2.2.6 (OC 2.2.x)

Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

AskForQuote 2.3.1 (OC 2.x)


Compatibility with OpenCart 2.2.x

New feature: Choose whether to hide the product price or leave it $0.00

Bonus: Our favorite articles of the week

3 Things Your User Retention Rate is Hiding

By Benn Stancil

Acquisition is on everyone’s mind when developing a business strategy and marketing plan. Acquiring more customers and multiplying them over time. But the one thing that actually affects your business in the long term is the retention of customers. An article with a lot of research and actionable insights.

Customer Experience in the Age of Conversational Commerce

By Julien Hervouët

A conversational experience is what everyone seeks in the age of messaging apps. They have changed the way we communicate, and communication is the foundation upon building a good customer experience. This post predicts a lot more to come in the future of conversational commerce.

Why Marketing Has Become The Hardest Position to Hire For

By Benji Hyam

“I grew revenue from x to y in one year.” A common line you hear from marketers. It’s very hard to tell whether a marketer will be good for your team or not. An engineer can solve an equation and make it on the development team, but the skills of a marketer are harder to estimate. Check out this article and be more prepared when hiring for your marketing team.

11 Cool Features In OpenCart eCommerce Stores

By Perpetto

A list of 11 OpenCart E-Commerce websites that have been selected because of their impressive design, and most importantly - the techniques they have used to increase customer retention and conversion. There are suggestions with tools you can use to adopt the same sales tactics and experiment with your store as well.

Pick of the Week

Paletton is a website that simplifies color selection and matching, something like Adobe Kuler. Each color you select comes with a variation of other colors that will go well with it. You can take the color’s #code and place it wherever you want.

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