iSenseLabs User Tricks. How to get notified about newer version of purchased products

The newest product versions always come with a level of excitement about new features, improvements and bug fixes. This is why we have created an easy and personal way for everyone to get notified about new releases for their purchased products. Here is what you need to do in order to subscribe:

Step 1

Login with your iSenseLabs profile credentials and select the downloads category from the left hand side navigation.

Step 2

Once you are on the downloads page select the product that you wish to get notified for new releases, by pressing on the View Downloads or simply clicking the product icon.

Step 3

Below the green Download module button on the left hand side you will see “Get notified about new versions of the module”. Simply click on it so that it remains checked and voila, you will now receive emails for every new version that comes along. 

As always, any questions or comments that you may have are more than welcomed.

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