iSenseLabs partners up with KulerThemes

We have long kept a track of KulerThemes, a company which mission is to provide distinctive OpenCart themes. We find their themes minimalistic, simple with unobtrusive design yet sophisticated featuring lots of under-the-hood-features. They bring a wide range of OpenCart themes to the table suitable for any type of business with 10 of their themes already compatible to OpenCart 2.0.1x. 

Are all of KulerThemes compatible with all of iSenseLabs modules?

It probably rings a bell for anyone who ever dealt with custom themes and tried to install more than a few third party module. What you would realize is that sooner or later you may stumble upon compatibility issues. Our aim is to create a seamless experience for KulerThemes users and provide a greater compatibility with all iSenseLabs products. 

Where can I view KulerThemes OpenCart Portfolio?

Another great thing is that now you can purchase all KulerThemes OpenCart themes portfolio directly from We will also be keeping a track of all their newer themes, which you can download form our website.

What if I want support and I have purchased a KulerThemes product from

If you have purchased any KulerThemes OpenCart Template from, we will be happy to provide support for it.

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