iSenseLabs OpenCart Products Now Feature Live Release Logs

Documenting and sharing the release notes of each OpenCart module is one of the most important things for our software development team. We believe they have a few very important benefits both for us, as well as users who have online stores running on OpenCart.

  • Better workflow

Clear communication and extensive details in the release notes help our team and customers  know what new features we have added to the product.

  • Milestone tracking

A key component of reaching your milestones is keeping an eye on the progress you’ve made towards them.

  • Constant improvement

If everyone knows what has been updated in the latest version, it’s easier to get to the next level and upgrade the modules for the new version.

To find the release notes and update history of our OpenCart extensions, you need to go to the Products page and select the module you are curious about. Once you open the module, you will see a page with all the features and important details.

iSenseLabs OpenCart Extensions

Once you are here, you will see a link called View Update History. This will lead you to a separate page with the release notes neatly listed according to the module version.

OpenCart Extension Product Page

We have arranged the release notes by:

  1. Module Version

  2. OpenCart Version

  3. Release Date

At the right-hand side, you will see a dropdown menu where you can select all the available module versions that have release notes.

This will help you filter the release notes you don’t need and focus on the ones that matter for your OpenCart version.

OpenCart Module Release Notes

Why keeping track of software release notes is important for users?

OpenCart store owners will find these release notes quite useful. There will be information including:

  • Implementation of new features and functionalities

  • Specific issues that have been addressed

  • Possible bugs that have been fixed

  • Compatibility updates with OpenCart and other extensions

  • Improvement of performance and module features

The reason why we decided to make all of our release notes public was that users would be able to find out the exact details they need much easier. You simply find the module you are interested in, open the release log and select the OpenCart version you are using.

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