Huge updates & improvements to our GDPR/CCPA app for Shopify stores!

First of all, there are several stability and performance improvements. We were able to reduce the loading speeds, and now GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management is loading even faster than before!

Features available for all users

Updated Help Center

We have added over 30 questions (more being added every week), which should make setting up the app look like a piece of cake. There's now also a search bar, which will make finding the right resource much more comfortable than before.

Enable The Cookie Bar For Specific Regions

Use this feature if you want the cookie bar to be visible only for a specific group of visitors. Currently, you can take advantage of the following possibilities:

  • Show on all visitors
  • Enable Only For EU/EEA Visitors (GDPR)
  • Enable Only For California Visitors (CCPA)
  • Enable For EU/EEA & California Visitors (GDPR & CCPA)

This is helpful if you have visitors across the entire world, and you do not want to show them a cookie bar if is not required by law.

Features available only for Premium users

Cookie Scanner

If you do not know exactly how many cookies your store is creating, Cookie Scanner can help you with that. You can simply click on the "Scan for cookies" button, and we will extract you all the cookies that your store creates!

Reset Customer Consent

This is useful when you make a change to your store policy. Visitors that come into your store should accept your new policy, and by using this feature this can be done without any hassle. You just have to click on a button, and you are good to go.


Would you like to see something else in the app too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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