How to survive Google Mobilegeddon and benefit from it. OpenCart edition.

Recently Google launched the newest update to their searching algorithm targeted to make the web a more pleasant place for mobile and tablet users. It quickly became the talk of the internet and started being referred as the Mobilegeddon, since a lot of websites were going to see their mobile traffic drift away. The only visible difference now though is that websites that have a mobile version feature a small sign reading “Mobile Friendly“ upon a Google search. Beside the Mobile Friendly check sign lies Google’s promise that “they are boosting ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results”. This blogpost is aimed to cover why Google’s update is important for your business, how to check if your e-commerce store is mobile-ready and if not, how you can quickly react so you do not lose mobile customers in favor of your competition.

How to check if my website is mobile friendly?

Just like the Google PageSpeed tool, Google have released a tool where you can check if your website is mobile friendly. You can submit your website for a quick Google Mobile test. Once you submit your website for a check, Google gives you a pass or a fail mark. If you get the pass mark, then happy days. However, if you get the fail mark Google gives you information on what is wrong as well as a preview on how the Googlebot sees your website. For a more detailed check you can visit your Google Webmaster tools account and see how many of your e-commerce pages are mobile friendly. You can perform a detailed Google Webmasters Check.

Will my desktop rankings be impacted if my website does not have a mobile version?

According to Google’s Webmaster tools post introducing the updates the answer is “no”. Google state that the update will affect only search rankings on mobile devices and search results in all languages globally. This more or less means that no matter if your store prime language is Mandarin, Spanish, Russian or English the mobile update will impact the mobile searches your customers are performing. This also presents a great opportunity for your business to go forward and shine against the non-mobile-friendly competition, especially after this year stats that mobile prevailed over desktop in certain niches.

Will my mobile traffic be impacted?

Yes. Your mobile traffic coming from Google search is going to suffer big time. Google is nice to say that “there may be a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google search”. On the positive side if your OpenCart store still does not have a mobile-friendly version and you see a substantial drop in your Google Analytics there is an easy fix for this.

How to get Google Mobile-Friendly without having to build my OpenCart store from scratch?

On the positive side of all this news Google announced that it is never too late to get your mobile traffic back. What you need to do is get the mobile friendly pass mark and either wait for Googlebot to crawl your website or manually submit your website using the Fetch as Google tool. We would like to evade complexity and straight off offer you a tested and true paid tool just because it is going to save you so much effort, time and money and you wouldn’t have to redo your whole store from scratch, upgrade or anything among these lines. The OMF (OpenCart Mobile Framework) is the fastest way to go from desktop only to mobile-friendly. The plugin automatically detects when someone is trying to access your website from a mobile device and serves them the mobile version. Conversely when someone is trying to access your website from a desktop station, they will get the desktop version. With OMF you will also be able to benefit from Google’s Mobile-Friendly stamp and thus not lose valuable traffic towards your competition.

I want to know more about OpenCart Mobile Framework

You can learn more about the OpenCart Mobile Framework by clicking on the link. 

*OMF is currently priced at $79 for a single domain license and $129 for a multi-store domain license.



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