How to Outsell Your Competitors with Creative OpenCart Promotions

Product promotions are a classic market strategy for every merchant who wants to gain more customers and have an edge over the competition.

A promotion is meant to raise awareness. Awareness for your products as well as your brand. A good promotion is a memorable one. Something that keeps customers thinking about it after they have seen it.

But how exactly do you win customers over with promotional materials and why?

Let’s explain.

A study performed by the BPMA stumbled upon some very interesting findings about how customers perceive promotions:

Brand Recognition

66% of online customers admit that they remember the brand name behind a promotion they have seen in the last 12 months.

Better ROI than Major Advertising Channels

Promotions generate better return on investment than some of the most popular advertising practices such as radio and outdoor advertising. They have the power to match TV and print advertising.

Skyrocketing Your Sales

79% of users admit they will continue doing business with the brand after seeing and using their promotions.

The numbers suggest that promotions not only help you sell the products you are trying to advertise. They help spread the reach of your store and keep those customers coming back in the future, which means long-term revenue growth.

Let’s explain how our new OpenCart Promotions module works...

Getting Acquainted with Promotions

Once you install Promotions you will be able to access it via the Extensions and Modules admin menu.

Each new promotion that you create using the extension will appear here, in the module list. You will be able to make further changes and modifications to the multiple promotions you create.

Module Settings Overview

While you are in the module list, click on the Add New button to begin configuring the new deal for your customers.

Once you enter the module settings, you will see two main tabs and the Support tab.

We will begin from the Promotions tab.

Important Note!

We have some demo promotions to use as examples of what you can do for your OpenCart store. You can see the promotion name, it’s status, how many guests have used it, how many registered customers have used it, the total uses and the sort order.

To create a new promotion, click the light blue button at the top right.

To edit an existing promotion, click the dark blue edit button below Action.

Moving on to the Settings tab.

This is where you can enable or disable the Admin mode. This mode allows all administrators to view, use and test the promotions to make sure everything is working as it should before launching the deal.

Important Note!

After you are done testing the promotion, make sure the Admin mode is disabled!

Adding a New Promotion

Now that the settings are clear, it’s time we go through the new promotion configuration.

Go back to the module settings and click on New Promotion. This will lead you to the promotion creation menu where you have three tabs - General Settings, Conditions and Actions.

General Settings

Promotion name: The name of your promotion will be visible for customers in the order totals table.

Status: Enable or disable the promotion.

Stackable: Decide whether the promotion will work along with other promotions you have created.

Sort Order: Give the promotion a sort order number for better organization.

Start date: Set when the promotion will go live.

End date: Set when the promotion will end.

Max allowed uses: Set a max limit for how many times the promotion can be used. (For example: “The first 20 customers who order get a free gift!” means you should set the max allowed uses to 20.

Max uses per customer: Set a max limit for the number of times each customer can use your promotion.

Promotion type: Choose whether this is an automatic or coupon promotion. Choosing a coupon promotion will open a new field where you have to enter your coupon code.

Require login: Does the promotion require a registration to be used or guest users can take advantage of it as well?


This tab allows you to set the conditions that customers must meet to use the promotion.

The first two options you can modify are which of the selected conditions must be true or false for a customer to take advantage of the promotion.

You need to choose a condition (for example Cart Total), then choose whether it should be Equal to, Not equal to, Greater than, or Less than the second condition (for example $100).

Setting those conditions means that if the cart total is equal to $100, the customer will be able to get the promotion.

Simple, but powerful.


The Actions tab lets you choose what happens after customers meet the conditions from the previous tab.

Select action: Choose which action should be applied when the customer meets the promotion conditions. Whether it will just be a discount from the cart total, or a discount from a specific product, free shipping, etc.

Discount type: Select the type of discount you want to apply - fixed amount, a percentage of the price, or a fixed price.

Enter amount: Set the discount amount in the form of currency.

When you’re ready - hit the Save button.

Your promotion is now complete and ready to launch!

Promotions in the Storefront

Let’s use one of the demo promotions as an example. We will add the laptop and the keyboard from the first promotion so we can get the second product for free.

As you see from the cart view, the keyboard costs $95.28, but in the total you only have the price of the laptop.

This is the promotion in action.

Over to you

Promotions is a powerful module that lets you create multiple sophisticated promotions that can turn any visitor into a paying customer. The more attractive the offer, the more customers will want to take advantage of it.


Start Promoting Now!

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