How to Fix the Dashboard Extensions Displaying Issue in OpenCart 2.3.x

A small issue you might have noticed in OpenCart 2.3.x is causing the Dashboard extensions to misbehave.

The default extensions or any other third-party extension you may have installed that displays data on the dashboard cannot be installed properly and do not work.

We have received a few of these issues in the support and thought it would be a good idea to share a general solution that fits on all OpenCart sites, regardless of their theme, extensions or setup.

The Issue

After clicking the Install button on a Dashboard extension (default or 3rd party), you will receive a notification confirming that the operation is complete.

However, the extension is still not installed regardless of the Success notification.

This also happens when you try to uninstall an extension.

Patching Things Up

To apply the master fix, open your admin/controller/extension/extension/dashboard.php file.

Change line 19 from:

$this->model_extension_extension->install('dashboard', 'dashboard_' . $this->request->get['extension']);


$this->model_extension_extension->install('dashboard', $this->request->get['extension']);

And then change line 41 from:

$this->model_extension_extension->uninstall('dashboard', 'dashboard_' . $this->request->get['extension']);


$this->model_extension_extension->uninstall('dashboard', $this->request->get['extension']);

This should resolve everything and your Dashboard will work properly with all the extensions you want to display data there.

Let us know if this has helped you!

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