How to Edit/Delete Powered by OpenCart in Your Default Theme

When operating an e-store in OpenCart sometimes store owners want to edit or delete Powered by OpenCart title, which is positioned right below in the footer. Usually to enhance presentation they put their store name or completely get rid of the title for various reasons. In this tutorial we will lead you through the necessary steps on how to edit and delete the Powered by OpenCart.

Editing Powered by OpenCart:
In order to edit the Powered by OpenCart you need to go to Catalog/Language/(The current language you are using)/Common/Footer and look for the line that reads:
$_['text_powered']      = 'Powered By <a href="">OpenCart</a><br /> %s &copy; %s';
You can basically substitute the text with whatever message you want to send to your website visitors.
Removing Powered by OpenCart:
In order to remove the Powered by OpenCart you need to go to Catalog/View/Theme/(The Name of your Theme)/Template/Common/Footer.tpl
Look for the line that reads:
<div id="powered"><?php echo $powered; ?>
You can delete the line if you think you won't need to retrieve the Powered by OpenCart one day or you can comment it by putting:
/* <div id="powered"><?php echo $powered; ?> */
In case you are using iCustomFooter, things are even easier. All you need to do is go to the admin and click on Support & Settings/Settings and select Hide 'Powered By' message to No and click on Save.

Video Tutorial:

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