How to Add Store Credit to Customer Accounts in OpenCart 2.0.x?



In some cases it may become necessary to add credit to your client’s account, this being either a refund, a compensation, or a reward. OpenCart allows you to do this through the admin panel and this tutorial will guide you through the steps of this process.


  1. Login to the admin panel of your webstore and navigate to the menu Sales > Customer > Customer

  2. Select the customer, to whom you wish to add credit, and click the Edit button in the right column


  1. Open the Transactions tab. This is the place where you will create the credit amount


  1. In the description field, write Credit, and type the necessary amount in the text box below.


  1. Click the ‘Add Transaction’ button and then Save


Congratulations, you successfully added credit to the balance of your customer! When they create an order from your store, the credit will be deducted from the payment.



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