How RC Geeks Are Leading the Drone Retail Industry with an OpenCart Store

Technology is evolving rapidly, and so do our expectations for new gadgets. We know that the future is here and we want to play with the fancy tech right now!

Drones, remote controls, 4K video, all of that has been flooding the market for years now, and the competition is very strong. Customers have high expectations and everyone wants to have the newest tech delivered to their doorstep.

This gives much room for market growth and the company we will present today has managed to make their breakthrough in this sector. RC Geeks will tell you about the things they invested in and how you can use the right technologies in your favor.

Introduce your business with a few words

RC Geeks is the foremost retailer of remote control drones, cars and accessories. Our business has grown strongly since 2007 and are now leading the way in our industry.

Tell us about your website and the tools you are using

We use OpenCart 2.0 and several different modules which have enabled us to create a website that is uniquely tailored to our requirements. We find OpenCart easy and quick to work with, and custom work can be carried out quicker and cheaper than many other website platforms available. iSenseLabs seem to be the most prevalent developer on the OpenCart marketplace and we have used several of their modules with excellent results.

What has been your growth for the past few years?

Our annual growth rate for last few years is over 25%, and we wouldn't have been able to achieve this if we hadn't invested in our website and other technologies.

How did you promote your products online?

Other than the usual AdWords, email marketing and social media we are active on a number of specialist forums. This allows our customers to see we are giving back to the community and become very loyal.

What’s your advice for new entrepreneurs and future store owners?

We recommend entrepreneurs to not always compete on price and try to add value to the customer. Customers do not always want to pay a few pounds less for a worse service. We'd also recommend investing in technology and looking at the long term rather than the few weeks ahead. It would be very hard to lose money by investing in a good website.

Over to you

What did we learn? To ride the wave of digital shopping, we have to plan for the future. Otherwise, we get stuck in one place and the technological evolution just passes by. To plan ahead means to invest in your digital business and focus on the fundamentals - a good website, a good social media and advertising campaign and community outreach to strengthen your customer loyalty.



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