January 7, 2014


As 2013 is waving good bye, I believe it is time to give a condensed overview of a couple of milestones we managed to get a hold on. Below, you will also find all the information neatly put in an infographic. The title of the infographic reads "Thanks to you", so before starting I want to express our gratitude to all of the help our customers have put in for us. Here are some highlights:

We found inspiration in the feedback we received from our customers. We found out that driven by the need for a certain feature, our customers are writing to us, sharing their vision on how the product can improve. We find customer feedback an essential part to the evolution of our products. As a reflection, customer's ideas are the thesaurus that helped us improve and take our modules to the next level.

In terms of support we felt like email was falling short in providing a reliable communication channel. In an effort to address this problem we developed a ticket support system from scratch, which serves as a reliabe communication channel. Each ticket is tracked and gets an answer. We are able to distribute tickets accross our support members, so each ticket receives the best answer. In this way we are able to build a more intimate and human communication with our customers. 

In continuation to our ticket support system, we also felt the need of having an open based community forum, where everyone is able to contribute to a solution of a problem. We built a forum solution from scratch, where our customers can browse solutions among 238 posts.

In terms of official recognition, one of the peak points of 2013 was the two-times-in-a-row 1st Prize in the OpenCart Theme Design Competition. 2013 has also been the year, that we became an OpenCart certified partner on.

The list of things worth mentioning is long, so in order to save you valuable time, we have put it all up in an infographic. We have intentionally put emphasis on the title of our infographic, as our strongest partner and mentor along our 2013 journey has been our customers. Again, Thank you for your support, get ready for an ever more exciting 2014, we dedicate this one to you.


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