Better OpenCart User Experience - Previous/Next Buttons


Let's face it, your web store visitors time is highly valuable. Every second they spend on your website is your moment to shine and offer them something unique at a great price. Providing a smooth and mellow shopping experience is by no means a straightforward task, but in this series, we will try to focus on a couple of extensions we believe help customers feel themselves at home, while shopping.

First stop is our PreviousNextProduct extension. The extension adds previous and next product buttons on your product pages. This allows your web store visitors to intuitively navigate and flip through your products. This will essentially increase your customer's product engagement and boost your conversion rate, while diminishing bounce rate. Also, a customer will not have to go back and forth one level using the breadcrumbs each time they want to return to the category they want to view products on. 

What is equally important is to make your visitors feel cosy while browsing through your website pages. This translates into removing any events that might cause your store visitors to feel uncertain. Uncertainty in e-commerce equals increased web store abandonment rates. To reduce uncertainty, we have implemented a tooltip, which give a hint as to what product they are going to view next. Essentially this improves both workflow and user experience.




How about you? Share your best tools of trade on E-commerce user experience?

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